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Men's Gym Hoodies

PUMA men's gym hoodies keep you comfortable, agile, and warm. They are ideal for warming up your muscles while looking stylish and trendy. Men’s workout hoodies can be used before, during, and after your workout. They warm up your muscles at the beginning of the workout, especially in colder weather. They help trap

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PUMA Men's Gym Hoodies - Lightweight, Breathable & Comfortable

Our gym hoodies for men are available in classic colours like black and white, bright blue or soft teal, and neutral colours like beige, grey, and army green. So, prioritise style when you pick these hoodies because we are dedicatedly innovating technologies to keep you warm and comfortable through your casual outings, intense workouts, and more.

Benefits and Features

  • Fabrics: Most of our gym hoodies are made with fleece or a blend of cotton and polyester. So they are soft to touch, breathable, lightweight, and have moisture-wicking properties so you can comfortable for long hours.
  • PUMA Logo and Wordmark: These extend PUMA’s long-standing reputation to you making your performance stronger and more confident.
  • Hoods: Our pullover hoods with adjustable drawcords enable you to customise and secure the hood’s fit according to your needs.
  • dryCELL: This is an innovative apparel tech we use which keeps you dry and comfortable throughout your training sessions and long days.
  • Ribbed Cuffs and Hem: These make your hoodies more stretchable without losing shape so they are easier to put on and take off.

Various Types of Gym Hoodies for Men

  • Men’s Training Hoodie
  • Men’s Fleece Hoodie
  • Men’s Graphic Hoodie
  • Men’s Knit Hoodie
  • Men’s Sweat Hoodie
  • Full-Zip Slim-fit Hoodie
  • Men’s Active Hoodie

How to Style

  • Pair them with your gym shorts with training shoes for an indoor workout or an outdoor hike. 
  • You can also pair them with cuffed jeans and high-rise multi-coloured sneakers for a relaxed bike ride.
  • Strength train in your light grey joggers and men’s white inner vest for a powerful yet attractive look. Layer up with our dark grey gym hoodie to warm up your muscles or to continue to sweat after the training session and stay dry and comfy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of the gym hoodie?

Your muscles are usually not warmed up at the beginning of the workout. Also, most indoor gyms are air-conditioned, which further slows down the warming-up process. It is essential to stretch and warm up your muscles to prevent any injury. Gym hoodies for men warm up your muscles quicker and allow more blood to flow to them so you can elevate your performance ASAP.

2. Is there an appropriate way to wash and iron my gym hoodies?

Yes. Makes sure to wash your hoodies inside out and with a mild detergent. Please avoid using any fabric softener and preferably wash them with similar colours. In addition to that, iron your hoodies inside out and avoid ironing any prints, accessories, and trims.

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