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Women's Bags

Practical and stylish: The PUMA women's bag section is designed for sporty and active women who need to always have everything they need at hand, but who don't give up on fashion and style. PUMA is offering a collection full of extremely multifunctional sports bags, shoulder bags or women's handbags bags, full of internal and

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Stash Your Workout Gear In Style With PUMA Women’s Gym Bag

Stash your workout gear in a more organized manner with the coolest gym ladies' bag. Whether you are looking for a sleek sack or a classy ladies' sports bag in contemporary form and sustainable design, our selection features plenty of options to appease various tastes and preferences.

Types of Ladies Gym Bag Available At PUMA

Our current edit of gym bags for women features:

  • Barrel gym bags for women
  • Women’s grip bag for gym
  • Unisex gym sacks
  • Women’s training bags
  • Unisex gym duffle bags
  • Smart bags for women
  • Rolltop backpacks for women benefits

Benefits & Features

  • Supported by PUMA x FIRST MILE initiative that helps socially disadvantaged individuals turn plastic wastes into stylish, high-performance entities like sports bags.
  • Easy lock-in mechanisms ranging from drawstring cords to zippers.
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps for backpacks.
  • Additional inner and front pockets to keep small belongings safe and sound.
  • Manufacturing process includes Dope Dye, a more sustainable fabric dye with a smaller carbon footprint for makers.

Guide On Picking The Right Kind Of Ladies Gym Bag

  • Start by considering your workout requirements. You may start checking the bag against some basic parameters like durability, the number of compartments, protection, packing style, and ventilation.
  • Consider all possible scenarios where you will be using your sports bag. The ultra-versatility of these bags makes them excellent for several purposes including travel, daily commute, taking workout gear to the office, etc. For example, if you are picking a bag for official usage you may want to go with a polished sports bag with adjustable straps.
  • Evaluate the material that will go best with your local climatic conditions, workout gear size, and personal preference. You may choose from canvas, nylon, polyester, neoprene, vinyl, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should a woman carry in her gym bag?

You can begin with some workout basics like a small towel, an extra set of clothes, extra socks, baby powder, deodorant, moisturizer, gloves, extra pins, hair ties, hair bands, hair brushes, energy drinks, etc.

2. Is it necessary to carry a gym bag?

If you are commuting to your workout in public transport or need to take a shower after a workout, you will need a gym bag to keep your things safe and organized in one place.

3. How often should you wash your gym bag?

It is better to do it every 90 days but if you are using public transport regularly, better do it on a monthly basis.

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