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PUMA Tech Glossary

PUMA Tech Glossary

At PUMA, life revolves around sport, and we see it as our duty to push athletics to unseen heights – running shoes that set world records, football boots that dominate pitches and sportswear that gives an extra edge. We do this by innovating, developing, and implementing next generation performance technologies that make our athletes FOREVER. FASTER. Below are just some of our creations evolving the game.


ADAPTFOAM: Using a mixture of the highest-grade EVA cushioning with impact-resistant foam provides excellent dimensional stability


BETTERFOAM: In attempt to live up to sustainable standards and our Forever Better mantra, we’ve developed Better Foam, a 35% bio-based EVA that’s derived from sugarcane.


CLOUDSPUN: Our ultra-soft stretch brushed fabric with moisture-wicking tech, it helps keep you dry and agile. An enhanced version, CLOUDSPUN WRMLBL, combines a heavier-weight version of our signature CLOUDSPUN fabric with Primaloft quilted fabrics to provide incredible softness and warmth. The best in performance layering.


COOLadapt: Helps to keep you cool for an effortless run. This yarn is made with a cooling performance finish that's designed to respond to moisture for easy evaporation.


DISC FIT: Developed for our athletes in 1991, this unique, lace-free closure system employs thin plastic wires and a twistable disc to provide a super secure lockdown.


dryCELL: Performance technology designed to wick moisture from the body and keep you free of sweat during exercise. It achieves this wicking via a finishing that induces a microfibre capillary action that not only quickly absorbs liquids but also draws them onto the surface of the fibres.

Dynamic Motion System

DYNAMIC MOTION SYSTEM: This super lightweight outsole is designed to provide freedom of movement and enhanced multidirectional traction thanks to its advanced stud configuration.


ELLAVATE: This high-end, matte foil fabric is paired with dryCELL tech for a quick-drying, four-way stretch that’s cool to the touch. Along the seams, flatlock stitching eases friction during training while a bonded waistband offers support and comfort around your core.


EVERSCULPT: A key feature in our shape-enhancing activewear, this technology employs body-contouring designs with warp knit fabrics to create clothing that hugs your curves while allowing for seamless, unrestrictive movement.


EVOKNIT: A seamlessly engineered knit for unrestricted range of motion, this technology operates much like a knitted sweater and employs crosslinking fabrics to provide stretch, support and stability.


FUZIONFIT+: This adaptive compression technology is a soft, flexible and engineered upper that locks down your foot and allows for more explosive movements on the pitch.


LQDCELL: This shock-absorbing compound, crafted in a pattern of interlocked hexagonal cells, is coupled with PUMA’s foam products in strategic locations on the foot to improve stability, softness, and absorption.


MATTR: A tech-forward fabric designed to address climate and moisture in the most extreme conditions, it combines moisture-wicking properties with fast-drying fabrics, while maintaining a breathable, four-way stretch and lightweight feel, keeping you comfortable no matter the environment.


NITROFoam: Advanced nitrogen-injected foam designed to provide superior responsiveness and cushioning in a lightweight package, this technology employs a supercritical process by pushing nitrogen gas into a compacted plastic embryo, which is injected into the foam. This creates air bubbles within the foam, thus elevating the foam’s rebound and responsiveness. Three renditions of NITRO technology exist, NITRO Foam, NITRO Elite and NITRO Infuse.


OPTIFIT: Designed to provide a secure lockdown and support during exercise, this adaptive fit system offers medial support to keep the foot centered over the sole.


PROFOAM: Lightweight, high-performance EVA designed to cushion your landing and propel your next step. This foam has also been further engineered to create PROFOAMLITE, which is 33% lighter.


PUMAGRIP: Durable performance rubber compound built for all-surface traction, it combines the perfect mix of hardness for durability and softness for grip, thanks to a construction that has been optimised for wet grounds. Building off PumaGRIP, there is also a lightweight rendition, PumaGRIP-LT, for racing and PumaGRIP-ATR for trailrunning.


PWRADAPT: A proprietary new sole system for golf shoes, this provides 3-dimensional traction and cushioning to ensure peak performance and comfort on the course.


PWRCAGE: Super strong and lightweight saddle for golf shoes that provides excellent support and stability throughout your swing.


PWRFRAME: Engineered specifically for forefoot support during explosive movements, this 3D support system helps keep you steady through every interval, making it perfect for a wide range of exercise routines. Its maximum functionality helps enhance any and every workout.


PWRPLATE: An evolution of our original carbon fibre INNOPLATE, this high-performance carbon fibre plate is engineered to stabilise the midsole and maximise energy transfer. It’s energy loading and quick to de-load, providing a supreme level of springiness.


PWRSTRAP: Our advanced nylon straps that are integrated into the lacing system and wrap the foot to provide a secured and personalised fit.


PWRTAPE: Our targeted reinforcement for upper support and durability.


rainCELL: Engineered to keep you protected against the rain, this performance technology accomplishes water repellence thanks to a dense material construction, which is then enveloped within a laminate or breathable membrane – ensuring maximum protection against water.


RUNGUIDE: Firm density rim promotes proper alignment and designed to keep the foot centred through each stride.


SOFTFOAM+: This sockliner technology features a moulded foam with a high rebound effect and extra heel thickness, which provides superior cushioning and optimal comfort.


stormCELL: Developed to keep you dry and comfortable even in the most extreme weather (wind and water), this technology provides protection against the elements thanks to the engineered, yet breathable, fabrics and a laminate that supplies a water-resistant column of roughly 10 feet. This is alongside a durable welded construction containing sealed seams for added protection.


Thermo-R+ is our adaptive, dynamic thermoregulation with phase-change print strategically placed at pulse points to store and release heat.


ULTRAWEAVE: Built for elite athletes looking to increase speed and strength, this ultra-light, engineered fabric is made by a high-precision weave process, and the material construction has a structured, 4-way stretch that reduces weight and friction.


warmCELL: This breathable, cold weather technology traps heat close to your body and keeps you warm in cool conditions. It accomplishes this thermal insulation via the use of one- or two-sided brush fabrics, functional synthetic or down paddings and/or special yarns all packaged within layered laminates to prevent air permeability.


windCELL: Designed to protect against windy conditions and keep you dry and warm, this performance technology employs a dense construction of technical materials that contain a laminate or breathable membrane to shield against the strongest of gusts.


XETIC: Created in partnership with MIT Design Lab, this innovative, calculated midsole cushioning system employs an optimised foam structure that uses negative space that compresses, which, in turn, increases stability and comfort.