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Women's Sports Shorts

Our vast collection of PUMA sports shorts for women gives you comfort without forcing you to compromise on style. Sports shorts for women are a wardrobe essential for women who work out regularly. We innovate new tech to enhance your sense of comfort and support so you can focus on your game. Fitness and

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It can be confusing to decide which outfit would work best for your needs with a gamut of fitness wear out there. Our sports shorts for women are designed for superior comfort and breathability to enhance your performance and strategy. They will also style you as per the current trend. It may seem easy to buy sports shorts for women. However, there are many elements to consider before choosing the best fit for you. Below are some types, features, and ways to style your ladies’ sports shorts.

Top Types of Sports Shorts For Women

  • Women’s Running Shorts
  • Women’s Running Slim Shorts
  • Woven Women’s Shorts
  • Logo Women’s Shorts
  • Longline Women’s Shorts
  • High-waist Women’s Shorts
  • Women’s Sweat Shorts
  • Women’s Performance Shorts
  • Women’s Training Slim Shorts
  • Women’s Relaxed Shorts

How to Style

  • Pair your sports shorts with a women’s sports bra and tank top for your daily runs or powerwalks. A high ponytail and a pair of comfortable and stylish women’s running shoes will complete your look.
  • If you are running or training outside on a relatively colder day, add a women’s dryCELL training jacket to your sports t-shirt and shorts to beat the nip in the air.
  • Pair your women’s relaxed shorts with a regular fit t-shirt for a more androgynous look while running some quick errands. Put on your slides for a relaxed vibe and easy access.
  • Strength train at the gym in a pair of vibrant high-rise women’s shorts and a matching sports bra and t-shirt for extra agility in movement and superior style. Put your hair in two tight braids or a high bun for extra comfort.

Best Features of the Sports Shorts for Women

  • dryCELL: PUMA’s selection for moisture-wicking properties that help keep you dry and comfortable so you can prevent visible sweat patches or unnecessary chafing.
  • PUMA Cat Logo: With PUMA’s esteemed reputation for innovating tech to enhance your comfort and style in the sports industry, this logo increases your inner confidence when you move.
  • Inner Compression Layer: Helps prevents injuries due to muscle soreness and fatigue and helps improve performance by providing more support, especially during high impact movement.
  • Elastic Waistband: The waistband combined with an inner drawcord helps you adjust the short’s waist size for your specific needs to avoid a fit too tight or too loose, so you feel more secure when moving.
  • Woven Outer Layer: Provides superior breathability, especially beneficial during long and intense workouts.
  • Recycled Materials: By using recycled materials in its clothing, we help reduce the fashion industry’s negative impact on the environment so you can move with a clear conscience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I pick the best fitting sports shorts?

Put them on and try moving around when shopping for the shorts. Try walking fast, a couple of sprints, jumping up and bending down. If the shorts are the right fit for you, they won’t bite you at the waist, gather or roll up when you bend down. The inner compression layer will feel supportive and not restrictive with the right fit.

2. How can I care for my sports shorts for women?

Make sure to use mild detergent when washing your shorts. Wash them inside out to protect the outer material and any brand logos and wordmarks. Avoid fabric softeners and wash with similar coloured clothes to prevent any unwarranted stains.

3. Can running shorts for ladies be used for strength training?

Absolutely. Running shorts are designed for flexibility and breathability. It is even better if they have an inner compression layer since that helps prevent muscle soreness and fatigue, keeping your strength training stamina up for longer.

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