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Men's Boxers

Let your insides relax and breathe as you layer them with PUMA men’s boxers. Crafted with the softest and highest-quality breathable fabric, these men’s boxer shorts ensure good ventilation on hot and humid days. Our line of boxer pants for men features striking sleek designs, ergonomic fit, endless colors, patterns, and a wide scale

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Redefine Comfort With PUMA Men’s Boxer Shorts

Let your inside thank you as you ditch the discomfort of leather belted trunks and tightly wrapped underwear. Let your insides breathe louder as you move unhindered on those hot and humid days. Signature features like button fly fastening and exposed elastic waistbands ensure the utmost style and comfort.

Types Of Men’s Boxers Available

Our edit of men's boxer underwear features:

  • Woven men’s boxers
  • Solid men’s boxers

Guide On Styling Men’s Boxer Shorts

  • If you are going for a pool party or beach, you can always team up your boxer short pants with a short cotton shirt, a pair of sandals or slip-on shoes along with a pair of sunglasses.
  • If you plan to stay at home, unwinding and relaxing after a hectic week, a pair of cotton boxers for men can go very well with a half-sleeves or a full-sleeves t-shirt and a pair of slippers.
  • If you are hitting the beach in a hot and humid season then a pair of printed boxers for men is enough with a pair of sunglasses. You can skip the top and go bare-chested just make sure you wear some sunscreen.
  • For a boat party, you can always pair your boxers with matching or complementing colour denim jackets ( for a casual appearance. 

Benefits & Features

  • Created with the softest material that snugs to your skin and keeps it rash-free.
  • Elasticated waistband ensures complete freedom of movement.
  • Vibrant colours that complement most t-shirts, shirts, vests, and jackets.

Tips On Picking the Right Kind Of Men’s Boxers

  • Make sure that you are comfortable as a pair of boxer shorts is an intimate part of your attire. 
  • Make sure you choose the fabric according to the climate you are in, cotton works best for most Indian climates.
  • Make sure you follow the brand size guidelines to get the right fitting and not end up with either too loose or too tight a pair of shorts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you wear anything under boxer shorts?

No, not usually. You can choose one as per your personal choice, but if you are planning a family it is better to go for boxer shorts.

2. What is the purpose of wearing boxer shorts?

They let your genitals stay in their natural relaxed state and keep them cool. Doctors state that boxers allow testicles to work at the expected temperatures and increase sperm production.

3. Can boxer shorts be worn outside?

Yes, they can be worn for pool, beach, and boat trips, as well as for a walk around your place or to a nearby garden.

4. How should men’s boxer shorts fit?

A pair of boxer shorts are supposed to be loose and relaxed, so make sure the one chosen is neither too tight nor very loose.

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