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Women's Badminton Shoes

A badminton shoe may be the most important accessory you will need to be the best badminton player you can be. A good badminton racket is important but without good comfortable shoes, your ability to move quickly and reach the shuttle to continue long exhausting rallies is compromised. Puma offers the best range


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Buy PUMA Women's Badminton Shoes Online

Hit that winning smash with panache and leave your opponents in the dust with our range of PUMA women's badminton shoes. Our badminton shoes for women ensure absolute protection and performance when you are on the court. Buy the best badminton shoes for women online before you head out to smash the shuttlecock on your opponent's court!

Features And Performance of Badminton Shoes for Women

Badminton shoes for women have been innovated to create a shoe that fits you perfectly while providing the necessary performance gains to excel in the game.

  • The synthetic PU and mesh upper have been provided for added durability and comfort. It allows for ventilation to the feet, making them more effective during the game.
  • A non-marking rubber outsole provides the necessary grip and stability on the indoor court. They help make sure your feet are right in the game and stable when it needs them the most.
  • We have incorporated the ProFoam technology for lightweight, high rebound performance so that your quick reflex motion is not wasted when returning that smash from the opponent!
  • EVA midsole provides instant cushioning and a highly responsive feel to the feet.
  • PUMAGRIP is our durable rubber outsole that provides all surface grip and traction.
  • CMEVA technology has been included for lightweight performance so that you are the fastest on the court every time!

Tips For Choosing The Best Badminton Shoes For Women

While choosing women’s badminton shoes, keep these pointers in mind to get the perfect fit.

  • Make sure the shoe fits you perfectly; not too loose, not too tight. Just perfect so that your feet have ample breathing space while being responsive and cushioned in the right places.
  • Make sure the sole is comfortable for the feet. They are designed to keep a low center of gravity so that you can rebound and be light on your feet.
  • Shock absorption is paramount in the sport of badminton. Badminton requires the athlete to jump a lot of times to return the shot, and that means the shoe must have ample cushioning so that the feet are injury-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are badminton shoes for women necessary to play badminton?

Badminton shoes are highly recommended if the sport is being played on synthetic or wooden courts as they provide support and protection to the feet from shocks while jumping. They also help keep the court free from scuffs from sports shoes

2. What is meant by non-marking shoes?

Non-marking shoes are mainly used indoors. They have flat soles with minimal textures for ample grip and leave no marks on the indoor court. Wearing non-marking shoes will provide comfort, better cushioning, improved grip, and reduced injury risks from the sport.

3. What is the difference between a badminton shoe and a running shoe?

Running shoes provide comfort and cushioning when running and moving in a unilateral direction. Badminton shoes have vertical textures for multilateral movement and optimized rebound capability. Women’s badminton shoes are designed to have a comfortable and tight fit.

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