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Slide into comfort in the sandal-like sneaker that will support you through every step of your day. With a lightweight, breathable upper, extra-soft sockliner and thick, durable outsole, PUMA's stroll-ready range of ballerinas pair feminine with function. Pair PUMA's ballet shoes range with jeans, pants, skirts or a dress and you

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Buy PUMA Women's Ballerina Shoes Online

We believe that aesthetics should not compromise performance or durability. With our line of women's ballerina shoes, we bring you a product that does both. Ballerinas for women are suitable for all age groups. Their highly versatile design makes these ballet shoes a staple addition to every wardrobe. Choose from our wide range of women's ballerina shoes and give your feet the support and confidence they deserve.

Types Of Women Ballerinas

Shoes speak about the wearer’s personality. Every set of ballerinas for women tells a different story about the person wearing them. Our line of ballerinas is designed for women who want to be perceived as bold, athletic, energetic and trendy. You can have your pick of ballet shoes fit for all different kinds of activities. Their lightweight and breathable material is a good everyday choice.

Colours available in Women Ballerinas

PUMA's ballerina shoes for ladies have a vast collection of colours and designs to choose from. Pick your favourite ballet shoes from our varied assortment of solids, prints, neutral shades and vibrant colours. There are ballerinas for women fit for every outfit and occasion.

Features And Performance

Our women’s ballet shoes are crafted to provide your soles with comfort and flexibility while keeping up with the ever-changing fashion trends. Their unique design style sets them apart from the typical ballerina shoes for ladies that only focus on aesthetics. The various features that have elevated our range of women’s ballet shoes are :

  • Upper Material: The upper material is made of a breathable textile that comes in a variety of colours and graphics.
  • Closure: The women's ballet shoes have a cushioned interior to ensure a good fit and support for the feet.
  • Midsole material: The EVA midsole is designed for the comfort and flexibility of the wearer.
  • Outsole Type: The shoes are incorporated with a rubber outsole to provide the wearer with the necessary grip and traction.

How To Pick The Right Women Ballerinas

Our collection of women's ballerina shoes is designed to make you feel bold, empowered and classy. We offer many colours and styles to meet your varied needs. Here are some ways to pick the right fit of ballet shoes for you.

  • For your everyday use, you can choose a solid colour to pair well with your casual attire. Choose women's shoes of neutral shades or vibrant colours depending on your personality.
  • For hitting the gym or for your daily walks, you can choose a pair of ballerinas that are sporty and quirky. This will give you the boost of energy needed to tackle the activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are ballet shoes good for your feet?

Ballet shoes for women are designed for your comfort. The insides of the shoes are soft and cushioned with a breathable exterior to leave your feet feeling happy and relaxed even at the end of the day.

2. Will ballerina shoes be in style next year?

Ballerina shoes became popular with the dance form of ballet and were later adopted by women as a fashionable style of footwear. With the onset of comfortable fashion, our range of sporty ballerina shoes has been extremely popular. The high performance and durability that they offer will keep them in the limelight for years to come.

3. Should you wear socks with ballerina shoes?

Ballerina shoes for women are meant to be worn without socks. Our line of ballet shoes offers a soft interior made with breathable material to eliminate the need for socks. If you like to wear socks underneath your ballerinas, you should preferably choose the type of socks that does not peep out from under the shoe.

4. Can ballerina shoes be worn every day?

Our ballet shoes for women are specifically designed to sustain daily wear and tear. They can keep you active and elevate your everyday attire.

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