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If you're looking for comfortable and supportive sports bras for your active lifestyle, PUMA has got you covered. Our collection of sports bras for women features a range of styles and designs that are perfect for any workout or activity. Whether you're into running, yoga, or weightlifting, PUMA's sports bras are designed to keep


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Redefine Your Athletic Style With PUMA Sports Bra

Discover a versatile collection of exercise bras that enhance your comfort, performance, and confidence as you push your physical boundaries. They are set to become your workout wardrobe staple with all kinds of back styling options, cup sizes, paddings, and fits that support every body type, workout, and style requirement effortlessly.

Types of Women Sports Bra Available At PUMA

Dive into the world of sports and gym bras to find your fit, our collection includes:

  • Training bras
  • Padded sports bras
  • Mid impact training bras
  • High impact sports bras
  • Graphic women’s training bras
  • Individual cups women’s football bra
  • Strappy training bra
  • Low impact training bra
  • Mid elastic padded bra

How To Get The Right Look With Ladies Sports Bra?

Styling a sports bra for gym workouts, training or jogging depends on the kind of bra you choose to wear. Here are some tips that may come in handy:

  • If you are going with a pullover sports bra, you can always team it with a tank top and a pair of shorts, track pants or yoga pants.
  • For a stunning chic look, just pair it with a complementing jacket, open button shirt and a high waist long leg denim jeans.
  • All kinds of sports bras go well with denim jackets, it is a look worth trying in fall, mildly cold months, and casual outings.
  • For casual appearances, you may try pairing a solid colour sports bra with a long skirt, palazzo, or a mid-line knee skirt.

Features And Benefits

  • dryCELL fabric: Crafted from dryCELL fabrics that absorb sweat and heat quickly to keep you cool and functional during intense physical activities.
  • Support: Provides support to your breasts in low, mid, and high-impact capacities.
  • A breathable lightweight knit fabric that provides complete coverage and avoids spilling.
  • Well-bonded seams to ensure friction-free movement.

Guide To Selecting The Right Kind Of Exercise Bra?

  • Get the right measure of your rib cage, band size, and cup size to find your perfect size in our size chart.
  • Make sure the sports bra band fits snugly around your rib cage. It should neither be too tight nor too loose. Ideally, it should not allow more than two fingers ap between the band and the body.
  • See that the straps are comfortable and secure but aren’t digging into your skin. Just like the band, they need to wrap around your shoulders snugly without being too loose or tight.
  • While trying the sports bra, jump or run in a place in front of the mirror. It should secure your breasts well and should not allow too much movement as you move.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it OK to wear a sports bra everyday?

Sports bras are specifically meant for high-intensity physical movements, therefore, wearing them for hours may get uncomfortable. But if you still feel like it, you can try low impact sports bra for a few hours.

2. Who should wear a sports bra?

Any lady or girl who workouts, trains, jogs or walks every day can wear a sports bra. Sports bras offer support to Cooper’s ligaments of the breast that bear the primary impact of jumping, running, and intense physical activities.

3. Is a sports bra better than a regular bra

As the name suggests, sports bras are ideal for gyms, workouts, training, and sports-related activities. The comfort and breathability are slightly low than regular bras in exercise bras, so you should choose your options accordingly.

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