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Men's Slip-Ons Shoes

While it is always good to have something as good as a pair of sporty lace-ups that can set the bar really high, there’s just something about shoes that are easy to put on, which makes it difficult for a man to say no to them. Isn’t it? PUMA Slip-on shoes for men don’t require


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PUMA Slip-On Shoes - Quite Comfortable and Stylish

A slip-on shoe is a type of shoe without straps or laces, that may be slid easily onto and off of the foot. There are many different types of slip-on shoes; in fact, almost any style of shoe can be made in a slip-on version. They can often look very stylish and be very comfortable and may be made out of many different materials. At you get the best range of slip-on shoes, and you can choose from a variety of styles and colors. Flip-flops are a type of slip-on shoe. They generally just feature two straps that go between the toes and over the top of the feet and a very flat sole. Though they can be quite comfortable during warm weather, it is generally not recommended that one wear them on a daily basis because they do not provide the necessary support to the feet, which can lead to pain in the feet, legs, and back. Sandals are also a type of slip-on shoe, and these may be flat or have heels.
In addition to traditional slip-on sandals and flats, slip-on sneakers are now quite popular. These are often able to provide all the support and comfort of a sneaker, without the need to tie laces or use straps to keep them on. These sneakers are generally intended for everyday use or walking, and not usually for more vigorous exercises, such as jogging or dancing. 
A versatile collection of PUMA’s men’s slip-on shoes for switching between roles you don from dawn to dusk. Secure the speed of your day without worrying about style and comfort as you glide in and out of our men's slip-on shoes.

Save Time with an Easy-To-Put-On Shoe in a hurry?

Slip-on shoes are your go-to. Without the fuss of laces, zips, or velcro, you can simply slide your foot into slip-on sneakers and run out the door. No fumbling, no opportunity to come undone; Puma’s Slip-On Footwear just makes life that much easier.

Reap the Benefits of Lightweight Slip-On Footwear?

Lightweight shoes mean less strain on your feet. With less weight being carried by each step, you’ll feel like you can walk further than ever in slip-on sandals or sneakers. With a sleek design and breathable fabric, Puma’s slip-on sneakers are made for movement.

How To Pick The Right Men’s Slip-On Shoes?

Here are a few important steps to get the best slip-on for men:

  • Shop for slip-on in the afternoon as the feet are most expanded during that time.
  • Try them with socks if you intend to wear socks with them.
  • Measure both your feet every time you are out to purchase footwear because feet size varies with age and time. If one foot is larger than the other, get the size that fits the larger foot well.
  • While trying the shoe, stand up and press its top gently to ensure half an inch distance between your longest toe and the tip of the shoe.
  • Walk around the room to get the feel of the footwear. Wiggle the toe slightly to ensure there’s plenty of room for your toes.

How To Style Men’s Slip-On Shoes?

  • We highly recommend wearing socks with our slip-on loafers for men. They will protect your feet from blisters, odor, poor fit, and short shelf life.
  • Choose the bottom wear according to the occasion. You can always team up means black slip-on shoes with chinos or men's button-up for formal occasions. For a non-formal appearance, slip-on shoes can easily be paired with shorts, denim, and sweatpants.
  • For a crisp look, try a linen shirt with tailored shorts and a cool pair of slip-on shoes for men. Feel free to play around with textures and colours till you find the ideal combination.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are men’s slip-on shoes called?

Slip-on shoes for men get names based on the purpose they are used for. Usually, they are known as loafers, shoes without laces, and buckle/tie-less shoes.

2. What are slip-on shoes for men used for?

Our slip-on shoes are ideal for casual wear and physical exercise. They have characteristic mesh on the upper end to ensure flexibility, comfort, and breathability.

3. Are men’s slip-on shoes appropriate for work?

The casual slip-on is known for its ultra-versatility which means it can be part of both formal and informal looks. Our slip-on loafers for men are designed to complement every profile ranging from gyms to airports, beaches, pools, offices, parties, festivities, and casual outings.

4. What slip-on shoes are best for men?

It depends on your personal preference and mood. Our collection of men’s casual slip-on shoes features a sock-like mesh knitted upper, a mid-top silhouette with cuffed heel collar, and a lightweight soft sole for utmost comfort with every stride.

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