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Batting Pads

PUMA's cricket batting pads are comfortable, supportive, and athletic. We have a wide variety of leg guards for cricketers. Cricket is an essential Indian sport. Most kids from Indian households learn to play cricket at a young age. Besides, gully cricket is just as important as professional cricket. So, play confidently and safely.

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PUMA Cricket Pads are Ergonomic, Classic, and Modern

Our reasonably priced cricket pads are for kids and adults. Cricket played in a jersey is a timeless and ageless sport. Since overarm bowling became the official way of bowling, cricket batting and wicket keeper pads have become necessary. With a vast collection and innovative placements of the PUMA Wordmark and Logo, our cricket pads are modern and stylish.

Best Features of our Cricket Leg Pad for Improved Performance

  • The superior quality PU material involved in making the cricket leg guard provides durability.
  • No PVC is involved in the making, which makes this batting and wicket keeping guard safe for kids.
  • Excellent padding improves your level of safety as a wicketkeeper and a batsman, so you can entirely focus on playing a skilled and strategically sound game.
  • The customisable velcro straps ensure a secure fit and superior grip for high performance.
  • Soft cotton padding protects your shins and knees while being soft to touch for better cushioning and more confidence.

What is the Right kind of Cricket Pad for you?

Our cricket guards are reasonably priced, so you do not have to think twice when trying to be safe and perform highly during your match. Overarm bowling in cricket puts the batters' and wicket keepers' shins and knees at risk. Without the cricket pads, these positions are a threat to the safety of the player. So, if you play professionally, practice cricket, or play gully cricket, especially with a leather ball, we would highly recommend stocking up with the right cricket pad and PUMA cricket shoes for yourself so you can continue to safely and efficiently play intense games, with a sportsman's spirit, for long hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose the best cricket pads?

Our best cricket pads are abundantly padded for your safety and high performance. They are stylish with the cool hints of colours on the classic white leg guard. Also, the innovative placements of the PUMA Logo and Wordmark help the cricket pads complement your otherwise fabulous and athletic wardrobe. They are durable, stylish, comfortable, well-cushioned, and cool.

2. What are the benefits of cricket pads?

Well-made cricket pads provide superior protection from leather ball impact for the batters and the wicketkeeper's legs. These players' knees and shins are at high risk, primarily due to the overarm bowling style.

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