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Women's Gloves

Layer your paws with the elegance and durability of PUMA women's gloves. Whether you are stepping out for strength training, to defend a goalpost, on a bike trip, or rock climbing on an early winter morning, these gloves will be loyal companions to your hands. They are loaded with premium features like soft suede,

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Buy PUMA Women's Gloves Online

Let your gear showcase the determination and zeal you hold towards your goals. The right gear including a pair of women's gloves can make a difference to your performance. Here is a line of hand gloves for women specifically crafted to support all kinds of athletic pursuits, adventurous spirits, and the will to succeed.

Types of Women’s Gloves Available At PUMA

Our current edit of hand gloves for women features:

  • Gym gloves
  • Unisex Training Cut Fingered Gloves
  • Unisex fingered gloves
  • Wicket keeping gloves
  • Unisex shift gloves
  • Winter gloves
  • Knit unisex gloves
  • Unisex goalkeeper gloves
  • Batting gloves

Women Gloves Styling Tips And Suggestions

  • With respect to training and sports gloves, functionality is more important than aesthetics. So, the style or design of gloves mainly depends on the sports or training you are into.
  • For winter gloves, you may want to choose a neutral shade or a colour that compliments your winter coats and jackets the most.

Benefits & Features

  • Feature graphic styling
  • Technology-enabled packing to support the highest performance
  • Stretchy, highly durable fabric on the top part of the hand
  • Dotted print for better grip
  • Goalkeeper gloves crafted from 90% renewable raw materials
  • Light-weight body material for better breathability and comfort
  • Our branded fingertips with smartphone touchscreen function

Guide On Picking Ladies' Gloves

  • Consider the purpose of the purchase, whether you need the gear to keep yourself warm during training, protect your hands from injury, work out, or for goalkeeping.
  • If you are into boxing or strength training, you may want to go with cut-fingered gloves as they will improve your grip during the session.
  • Consider functionality factors like fitting, support, traction, and protection for the best purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between men's and women’s gloves?

No such difference, they have similar make, features, and benefits. There might be slight differentiation in terms of fit and glove size. If you wish to keep yourself warmer, you may want to go with larger gloves.

2. How tight should workout gloves be?

Weightlifting gloves need to be a little snugger than other workout gloves. However, they need not be too tight or they may interfere with your grip around the bar.

3. What is the best material for gym gloves?

Depending on your comfort level, local weather, and workout requirement you may choose from cotton, lycra, spandex, velcro, synthetic leather, polyester, neoprene, or nylon.

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