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Men’s High Sole Shoes

Walk the streets in style with PUMA high-sole shoes for men. Our innovative elevator shoes for men are created by merging the best technologies for a shoe with an unparalleled fit and a responsive outsole. The stylish high-sole shoes for men are created based on inputs from our athletes to feature the best stability

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The PUMA high sole shoes for men are the perfect sports shoes to crush your next HIIT workout. With ProFoam technology in the midsole, lightweight performance with a high rebound for good shock absorption is included in the design of elevator shoes for men. Your comfort is the priority for the high sole shoes for men. These shoes are perfect for a day of running errands or a casual day out with friends.


  • With features like FUZIONFIT, which provides a compression band for cushioning and NITRO FOAM in the midsole for added propulsion, it’s time to hit the court with these high sole shoes for men.
  • The large toe box allows improved support, and the midsole provides the best shock absorption.
  • PUMAGRIP technology on the outsole guarantees top-notch traction in every shoe.
  • The EVA midsole allows for instant cushioning and an ultra-responsive ride.
    The stylish high sole shoes for men are designed from the input of our athletes.
  • Features to enhance stability and shock absorption have been incorporated for a steady and comfortable run.
  • The sleek design gives a futuristic design perspective to the high-performance elevator shoes for men.
  • The high sole shoes for men are the epitome of style and swagger everywhere you go. Classic designs combined with the best features give you a shoe that ticks every box in your style checklist.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are high sole shoes in trend now?

High sole shoes bring a casual and stylish look to every outfit. Elevated shoes are the perfect fusion between sports shoes and casual shoes. The features in high sole shoes ensure that your feet are protected while you move in style.

2. Are high sole shoes more comfortable?

High sole shoes have better cushioning on the midsole, which makes them more comfortable and safe for the feet. They ensure that the shock does not reach the joints.

3. How to style high sole shoes?

High sole shoes for men are best worn for casual and sportswear. Wear the elevator shoes with jeans and an oversized t-shirt for a chic casual look. High sole shoes are in the trend right now, and grab your pair of these stylish shoes for the best style appeal in your group!

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