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Thigh Pads

Change the course of the game and your cricket journey with reliable gear including cricket clothing such as PUMA cricket thigh pads & cricket gloves. Whether your kid has just started playing in school or moving from a cricket academy to professional grounds, our state-of-the-art thigh pads and guards are designed to meet every

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Secure The Game With Superior Protection of PUMA Cricket Thigh Pads

Whether you are opening for a test match or just facing the final over to break the score in a twenty-twenty match, good quality thigh pads can change the tide in your favour or lack of it against you. So, define your game to the best of your ability without compromising your safety or comfort. Here’s to best scores and supreme sportsmanship.

Types Of Batting Thigh Pads Available At PUMA

Our selection of cricket thigh guard includes:

  • Dual thigh pads
  • Moulded thigh pads
  • Inner thigh pads
  • Thigh guard
  • Unisex cricket pads

Benefits & Features

  • Designed with our own designatecutting-edgege technology
  • Highly functional design inside and out
  • Striking colour combinations
  • Higher durability, endurance, and sturdiness
  • Premium grade fabric and foam
  • Tear-and-wear resistance

Guide For Picking Cricket Thigh Guard

  • An ideal cricket thigh guard is light in weight but sturdy in nature. So, make sure to check the weight and endurance level of the thigh guard.
  • Check the size of the pad and see that its length is level with your thigh length.
  • Remember if you are a right-hand batsman, the inner thigh guard will be placed on your left thigh and vice versa.
  • Consider the purpose of purchase and different categories of thigh pads.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use thigh pads in cricket?

This gear is mostly used by batsmen while facing bowlers on the ground. It keeps their thighs and inner thighs safe from injuries.

Do you have to wear thigh pads in cricket?

Yes, for batsmen, it is mandatory to wear thigh pads during net practice as well as on the ground.

What are cricket pads called?

They also go by names like batting pads and thigh guards.

How to tell if a cricket thigh pad is right or left?

It's not that complicated. If a left-handed batsman or batswoman is on the pitch, their left side will be exposed to the bowler so their thigh pad will have a fluffy side wing extended to the right to save them from the ball’s impact. The vice versa applies to a right-handed batsman.

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