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Men's Cycling Shorts

PUMA cycling shorts for men are comfortable, classic, and stylish. Cycling is a popular form of exercise as well as a more environmentally conscious way to commute. If you prefer to cycle to burn some calories or commute responsibly, cycling shorts will be your best friend. They prevent chafing by keeping you dry and

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PUMA Men's Cycling Shorts - Trendy, Supportive, and Lightweight

Our cycling shorts for men are designed to keep you supported and stylish through your bike rides, long or short. The fabrics used are sustainably sourced and contain recycled contents so you can perform to the best of your abilities with a clear conscience. Our cycling shorts for men are available in classic and neutral colours and spoil you for choice with their variety.

Benefits and Features

  • dryCELL is PUMA's apparel technology for moisture-wicking properties that help keep you dry and comfortable for long.
  • The elasticated pockets on the side make it easier for you to carry your smaller belongings so you can cycle more securely.
  • The branded and customizable waistband on these cycling shorts for men will help you breathe fuller and more easily.
  • PUMA x First Mile is our collaboration with First Mile that turns plastic waste into various products and allows for empowerment of socially disadvantaged communities.
  • The inner layer of slim-fit shorts helps prevent chafing by wicking sweat from your inner thighs while the regular-fit upper layer provides an extra layer of protection and padding.

How to Style Cycling Shorts for Men

  • Bike shorts for men are easy to style. Pair your shorts with a relaxed-fit cotton t-shirt for a short ride with running or training shoes in the summer and add on a reflective tec running jacket for the monsoon or to ride after dark.
  • For a maverick and powerful monochrome look, pair your black cycling shorts for men with a men’s black inner vest and men’s black sneakers. Add a black sweat or training jacket for a long training session during the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I clean my cycling shorts for men?

Wash your cycling shorts inside out with a mild detergent with similar colours, and avoid using fabric softeners. If you must, iron your shorts inside out and avoid ironing any labels.

How do cycling shorts help prevent chafing?

Chafing occers when your sweaty bodyparts come into contact with other bodyparts and create friction when moving. Cycling shorts for men have a moisture-wicking slim-shorts layer which keeps your inner thighs from creating friction which will lead to chafing and enables you to perform your best.

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