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Hit that winning sixer way up in the stands with the PUMA cricket bats. Made with utmost precision and using the finest quality willows, our cricket bats are built to endure long hours of play. Every element of the cricket bat has been optimized from the choice of materials to the grip to ensure

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Buy The Best Cricket Bats Online

Elevate your cricket game to better heights with PUMA cricket bats. These cricket bats are engineered to ensure that you hit every ball with style and power. We use the highest quality willow to create our cricket bats, which guarantee their durability during long hours of play. Our cricket bats offer excellent maneuverability which helps you to hit your shots in all directions of the pitch mercilessly. Whether you're competing in a local game or a professional cricket tournament, our wide range of PUMA cricket collections has the perfect bat to suit your needs.

Features And Performance of PUMA Cricket Bats

  • Making a lasting impact on the crowd with your power shots. The 100% English willow crickets will support you with every shot you make. Crafted from top-quality willow, excellent performance and durability is guaranteed.
  • The classic cricket bat construction and the future-inspired graphics add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your game and kit.
  • Designed with everyone in mind, these cricket bats are engineered to propel you to achieve bigger milestones and surpass yourselves. The sleek lines and functional design of the cricket bats along with the cutting-edge technology used in the construction gives you the edge to succeed over your opponents leaving them astounded.
  • Choose from a wide range of cricket bats including the exclusive one8 collection by ace cricketer Virat Kohli. These cricket bats feature a customized signature and a design inspired by Virat Kohli himself, making them a must-have for every budding cricketer.
  • The grip on the cricket bats is designed with control and comfort in mind. They provide a firm hold such that your fingers are secured while holding the bat. This allowed you to hit confidently even during intense games.
  • With our cricket bats, expect exceptional performance, unmatched durability and a design that reflects the spirit of the game. Elevate your game and make a lasting impact with our cricket bats.

How To Choose The Perfect Cricket Bat?

Size - Ensure that you choose the perfect-sized cricket bat. Hold the bat and stand in position to understand how the bat looks and feels for your body. Use the help of another person to determine the fit of the cricket bat with respect to your body.
According to your style - Choose cricket bats that match your style of game. Cricket bats are made with varying edges, sweet spots and profiles. They change the way the bat is made and its performance.
Weight - You do not want a cricket that is too heavy to pick off the ground. A bat that is too light will hamper performance and your shots. Focus on the pickup of a bat and make sure that you are comfortable while holding it. This will ensure the best fitting cricket bat.

Grip - The grip of the player on the bat plays a major role in maintaining control and preventing slippage. Consider the type of grip and its quality when evaluating different PUMA cricket bats.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different types of cricket bats?

  1. English willow cricket bats
  2. Kashmir willow cricket bats
  3. Softball cricket bats
  4. Training cricket bats

2. How to choose a good cricket bat?

The top things to look out for while buying a new cricket bat are:

  • Ball type
  • Choosing the right size
  • Weight of the bat
  • Grade differences of willow
  • Batting style
  • Handle type

3. Which tree wood is used to make cricket bats?

Cricket bat willow is cultivated timber that is used to make cricket bats. This wood is cultivated in large plantations throughout East Anglia.

4. How to take care of the cricket bat?

To maintain the performance of the cricket bat, ensure that you store the bat in a cool and dry place, away from fluctuating temperatures and moisture. It is recommended to apply a light coat of oil to the edges and face of the bat to preserve its moisture content. Protect the cricket bat with a bat cover when not in use.

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