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Men's Vests

PUMA men’s vests are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. Men’s vests are an essential part of most Indian men’s wardrobes. We carry a vast collection of vests for men that can be worn under your t-shirts and shirts or cool vest jackets that can be used as an


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Buy PUMA Men’s Vests Online

PUMA men’s vests feature an ergonomic fit and sleek designs. They are available in affordable packs of 2, or you may buy them individually. Men's innerwear vests are stretchable and feature our anti-microbial EVERFRESH technology. We also offer black and white sports vests for men with sleeves which are basically like the undershirts from the West. Our padded vest jackets are also available in classic black and vibrant red if you want to stand out.

Types and Varieties of Men’s Vests

  • Stretch Crew Men’s Vests
  • Padded Men’s Vests
  • V-Neck Men’s Vests
  • Basic Crew Vests
  • Men’s Utility Training Vests

Styling your Men’s Vests Quickly and Easily

  • Pair your white men’s vest with white joggers and white training sneakers for a strength training day at the gym. Break this peaceful and relaxed monochrome look with your black men’s padded vest jacket to turn heads.
  • Are you going for a run in your neighbourhood in the middle of summer? Pair your running shorts for men with your white sleeveless men’s vest and multi-coloured running sneakers. The breathable and lightweight vest will keep you dry and comfortable so you can perform better.
  • Put on your white vest with sleeves under your formal or casual shirts for a long day at the office or a sunny day out. The vest will wick moisture with our innovative apparel technology so you can stay confident and comfortable for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should a man wear a vest?

Wear an inner vest under your shirts and t-shirts to avoid getting sweat stains. They absorb most of your sweat before it stains your upper shirt or t-shirt and allows for more enhanced performance and look.

2. What is the best kind of vest?

A sleeveless, white cotton vest makes for the best inner vest since the cotton makes it soft, breathable, and lightweight. Moreover, they make the rest of your outfit sweat-resistant and give you a more ergonomic and flattering look. In the case of a vest jacket, our black padded vest is the best since the nylon, polyester, and elastane blend makes it durable, moisture-wicking, and stretchable without losing shape.

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