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Cricket Caps

PUMA has a vast collection of cricket caps that are trendy, comfy, and cool. Our cricket caps are designed to keep you comfortable while you play or work out so you can perform at your best. The cap represents composure, peace, and groundedness. Let this cricket cap extend these to your demeanor on the

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Buy PUMA Cricket Caps Online

The cricket caps are an essential wardrobe accessory. They complement most athletic outfits, help prevent heat stroke, and regulate your scalp's temperature. In addition, a cricket cap gives off a classy and confident look and enhances your form further. Look and feel like a celebrity as you are spoiled for choice with our vast collection of cricket caps to choose from. Please find your ideal cricket cap online or in-store with us.

Best Ways to Style your Cricket Cap

  • Go out comfortably with your friends while looking stylish in our ponytail cap for women. Pair your athletic and feminine outfits like slim-fit running shorts, a vibrant sports bra, and a mesh dress with a ponytail cap for style and comfort. Layer up with a cool bomber jacket and accessorise with chunky-soled sneakers or slides and a sling purse for a cooler look.
  • Play cricket in running shorts, a running t-shirt, and cricket shoes so you can cover your head and avoid the sun or keep your hair out of your face with a cricket cap and shine in this bright monochrome look and stand out for the right reasons.
  • Look immensely stylish and keep your hair out of your face during an intense strength training session with your cricket cap and dress in a pair of joggers, a graphic t-shirt, or a sports bra and tank top for women. Layer up with a full-zip training jacket and wear your training shoes to move freer and look more fabulous.


  • dryCELL is PUMA's designation that keeps you dry, comfortable, and happy with its moisture-wicking properties.
  • 100% polyester cricket caps are durable, easily washable, and water-resistant.
  • Since at least 20% recycled material is used to make our cricket caps, we believe we are taking a small step toward a better future.
  • The curved visor and adjustable fit ensure the customisable cricket caps provide you as much comfort as style.
  • The ponytail opening on our cricket caps makes it easy for women to style their hair in a ponytail and yet be comfortable in our cricket caps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wash my cricket caps?

Wash your cricket cap with other clothing and a mild detergent. Do not wring out the cricket cap after washing. Gently stretch the cricket cap to its original shape before laying or hanging it out to dry.

Do cricket caps look good with traditional wear?

Yes, they do. Especially for androgynous or masculine traditional wear, cricket caps make a classic style statement.

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