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Women's Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Let your sportswear wardrobe exude a little more comfort, elegance, and performance with PUMA women's sweatshirts & hoodies. Crafted with an array of ingenious fabric technologies, these women's hoodies are cut to compliment every body type, style preference, and trending fashion. So, whether you are planning to step out in a retro sportswear

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Complete Every Chic Look With PUMA Women's Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Steel your performance and momentum with PUMA sweatshirts & hoodies for women as you shatter the glass ceilings set to hold you back. Ingeniously engineered to wick away discomfort, sweat, and heat, these cool hoodies for women promise ideal fit and complete freedom of movement as you push the boundaries of your game, stamina, and skillset.

Types Of Cool Sweatshirts For Women Available At PUMA

Our collection of women’s hoodies and sweatshirts include:

  • Crop jackets for women
  • Sports Women’s Hoodies
  • Full Zip Hoodies For Women
  • Women’s hooded sweat jacket
  • Graphis Women’s Hoodies
  • Women’s training sweatshirts

How To Style Hoodies For Women?

In the last few years, the versatility of sweatshirts has expanded with the change in personal style and preferences. Here are a few ideas to get it right:

  • For athletic activities and workouts, we recommend a slim or regular hoodie for women as it doesn’t interfere with your momentum or movement during the session.
  • For a casual or relaxed look, you may try a loose or oversized plain sweatshirt for women with a pair of skinny jeans, leggings and a pair of slip-ons or sneakers. 
  • Sweatshirts always make a perfect pair with sweatpants, just make sure you get the colour and fit right.
  • For a mute or simple look, crew neck sweatshirts are best. They can always be paired with a cool tee underneath, a pair of slacks, or khaki shorts.

Features And Benefits

  • dryCELL technology for women’s hoodies: Our sweatshirts for women are designed to absorb extra moisture and sweat from your body and keep you dry and clean.
  • Recycled fabrics in the ladies hoodies ensures higher sustainability
    Higher necklines for added comfort: Elevate your comfort with our ladies sweatshirts. to ensure a snug and cosy fit.
  • Sleek and stylish hoodies for women designs that fit well with the silhouettes of your body.
  • Spacious pockets with zip closures in sweatshirts for women for a trendy and practical fashion ensemble.
  • miDori: Bio-based women’s pullover hoodies finishing treatment for better environmental sustainability.

Tips on Choosing the Best Hoodies for Women

  • Begin by taking acute measurements of your chest, waist, and pelvic area.
  • Always choose a slim or regular fit for workouts, training, and athletic purposes.
  • Consider your body shape and proportion to select the right fit, we have an extended range of fittings for all sizes that serve every body type, weight, and shape.
  • Whether you are picking sweatshirts for women online or offline, always try it on to check the fit and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Should a sweatshirt fit a woman?

A well-fitted women's sweatshirt should cover the torso comfortably, ensuring warmth without feeling too constricting. It's recommended to have a slightly loose fit around the chest area while maintaining a higher neckline to shield against chilly winds

2. What are sweatshirts used for?

The original purpose of sweatshirts is to provide warmth and comfort during physical workouts, drills, training, and athletic sessions. But they have become a casual wardrobe staple due to their diverse designs, patterns, styles, and fits.

3. Can we wear sweatshirts in summer?

Yes, unless you are in mid-tropical summer or in an area with high humidity and temperature, you may choose fleece or a light cotton sweatshirt to keep yourself warm and sweat-free.

4. How do you style a women’s hoodie with jeans?

The best way to style a hoodie for women and jeans is by going for relaxed-fit hoodies paired with high-waisted jeans. The women’s sweatshirts can either be tucked or left untucked for a casual vibe and complete the look with sneakers.

5. What are the recommended colours for sweatshirts for women?

Opting for neutral tones like black, grey, or navy blue ladies sweatshirts can provide versatility, easily pairing with various outfits. Additionally, pastel shades and muted coloured plain sweatshirts for women offer a softer and more feminine look. Consider colours that complement your personal style and easily integrate into your wardrobe for everyday wear.

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