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Women's Slip-Ons

Slide into summer style, with PUMA’s latest collection of women’s fashion slides and sandals. Designed to fit seamlessly into an active lifestyle, PUMA women’s sandals deliver comfort, while complementing your everyday look. From sporty sliders to sleek ladies’ fashion sandals, our summer footwear collection is available in chic monochrome tones and bold colours, covering the

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Buy PUMA Women’s Slip-On Shoes Online

There’s nothing better than sliding your feet into women's slip-on shoes, especially during rush hours. The innovative designs in PUMA’s collection of women’s casual slip-on shoes provide the right amount of cushioning and flexibility. Add ease to your busy days with our versatile slip-on shoes for women.

Top Types of Slip-On Shoes for Women

  • Ballet Shoes: Slip-on shoes are available in beautiful pastel colours and cushioned for comfort.
  • Walking Shoes: Slip-on that provides a snug fit on the uppers and flexibility for a perfect heel-to-toe stride.
  • Sneakers: Women’s slip-on sneakers are inspired by tennis shoes, and are easy to wear and sleek.
  • Slip-On Training Shoes: These slip-on shoes for women are designed for quick and agile movements.

Best Features of the Slip-On Shoes for Women

  • PUMA’s slip-on sneakers for women are durable and easy to wear.
  • Soft straps provide additional support while rubber outer soles deliver traction.
  • Designed to fit seamlessly into an active lifestyle they complement your everyday look.
  • Retro-inspired silhouettes give your aesthetic that extra oomph.
  • Contemporary sports-luxe-inspired chunky straps for a stylish aesthetic.
  • The placement of the brand logo and name makes you feel and look even more confident.

Find Yourself the Right Slip-On Shoes

Consider technicalities when you look for the right pair of women’s slip-on shoes.

  • Appropriate ankle-length sneakers prevent injuries like the Achilles tendon.
  • The amount of cushioning and shock absorption needed differs from person to person. Consider the surfaces you usually walk on.
  • Toe-box makes a huge difference so make sure the tip has at least half an inch of space to breathe so calluses and blisters can be prevented.
  • Find upper, midsole, and outsole that help you experience maximum comfort with their breathability, flexibility, and grip, respectively.
  • A snug-fit women’s slip-on shoe allows your feet freshness and regulated body temperatures which helps maintain efficiency.

Styling Tips

  • Colour Contrast: Style your slip-on shoes with their contrasting colour. For example, if you own a blue pair of shoes, pair them up with an orange outfit or yellow shoes with a purple outfit. Try this style and get all the attention you deserve.
  • Artsy Style: “Artsy style” is bold, creative and unconventional. Add as many colours as you want along with some flashy loud prints. Make a statement and let the world watch your fashion sense unravel in casual comfy shoes.
  • Geeky Chic Style: If you are someone who likes to play a bit cool and low-key, this style is for you. Go for baggy clothes, random silhouettes, oversized jackets, women's black slip-on shoes and nerdy specs. Basically anything and everything that makes you feel comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Slip-On Shoes for Women in trend?

Yes. With a combination of comfort, support, and style, slip-on sneakers or shoes for women are very trendy, especially during warmer weather or in tropical countries.

2. What do slip-on shoes mean?

Slip-on shoes or sneakers are footwear with lace-free uppers that are easy to step in and out of. PUMA women’s slip-on shoes have a SoftFoam+ sockliner that provides instant step-in along with superior comfort and breathability.

3. What are some of the most popular shoes for women?

The most popular slip-on shoes for women are well-cushioned and provide a lace-free snug fit. The classic colours of black and white are always in demand. And so are the neutral colours like grey and beige. Slip-on shoes that have ample cushioning at the midsole are more popular since they provide a sense of superior comfort dressed in trendy styles.

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