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Boys' Shoes

PUMA’s shoes for boys are a vibrant collection mindfully designed considering both form and functionality. Prints, patterns, and colors excite our young athletes to run the extra mile. Comfort is prioritized to make those small feet well-balanced and stable on all sorts of surfaces. Our iconic range of shoes for boys includes lace, hook,

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Buy Stylish PUMA Shoes For Boys Online

From black and white to monochrome to colour block, we have got a wide range of shoes appropriate for a variety of activities. Sleek designs with soft lining, smart cushioning, right shock absorption and sturdiness deliver maximum comfort with functional heel and tongue webbings to ensure easy on/off in the latest collection reinventing a unique moment and movement of culture. From a simple shoe with minimal design to well-designed prints and cute cartoons, PUMA has it all to keep up with your little man’s mood.

How To Find The Perfect Boys' Shoes

  • When selecting boys’ stylish shoes consider the activities or occasion. It will help choose the appropriate colour and style.
  • For outdoors consider a pair of shoes which the boy finds more comforting and is kind of used to for example the height of the heels, type of midsole, and material.
  • Play around with colours and prints.
  • Try some new styles, patterns, and designs on specific occasions.
  • Explore and experiment depending upon certain looks and locations and consider colours accordingly.
  • Check the size of the shoes twice to thrice a year to be precise.

Types Of Boys' Shoes

We offer a diverse range of boys' shoes designed to meet the needs of active, fashion-conscious youngsters. Here are some popular types of boys shoes:

  • Athletic Shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Lifestyle Shoes
  • Sandals and Slides
  • Boots

How To Style

Styling boys is a fun task, especially seeing the new fashion introduced in kids’ wear in the past few years. Some styles that you need to try with stylish shoes for boys are as follows:

  • Monochrome:- The whole outfit and the shoes can be of the same colour, a few shades here and there are fine. Additional accessories should also be of the same colour. This is one of the most subtle and classy ways of styling.
  • Colour-block:- All the garments, accessories and shoes must be of different solid colours. It’s eye-catching and bold.
  • All Over Prints:- All Over Print also called AOP in fashion vocabulary is as simple as it sounds, every garment, accessory and shoe should be printed overall. It’s playful and attention-seeking.
  • The Focal Point:- As every beautiful art has one main point of focus, let your shoes be the star of the show. Dress them with all neutrals and earthy tones adding a colourful pair of sneakers and making an impression.
  • Get some new shoes for boys and watch them glow and grow following your footsteps. Let’s motivate the little athletes to run, fall, get up and move on. Because every step counts. Let the boys learn how to walk the journey of becoming a man.

Features And Performance

Designed with features packed in them to make your little one's feet comfortable throughout the day, our shoes for boys have been innovated for performance.

  • A mesh upper with synthetic overlays ensures adequate ventilation without compromising performance.
  • The rubber outsole provides traction and support when it matters the most.
  • Elastic laces and hook and loop strap make sure your little one's feet have a snug fit.
  • Our outsole is made with EVA to ensure a lightweight construction and speed.
  • SoftFoam is our dual-density insole which provides added comfort with its two unique layers of cushioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to find the perfect fit for boys' shoes?

Make sure there is ample space for the child to wiggle the leg freely without slippage. Blisters can occur if the shoe is too tight on the boy's feet. Try both the shoes on and make the child walk on different surfaces to understand the shoe's fit and cushioning.

2. How long can the shoes for boys be used?

The longevity of the shoe depends on the fit of the feet. Since a kid's feet are growing at this age, it is essential to check the fit every 6-8 weeks and replace the shoe if it has become smaller.

3. How to wash shoes for boys?

We recommend hand washing boys' shoes for their longevity and the cleanliness of the shoe. It's best advised to avoid using a dryer to heat. Allow the shoe to air dry by keeping it in the sun for best results.

4. What are the popular shoes for boys?

Popular shoes for boys include athletic shoes for sports, sneakers for everyday wear, high-tops for style, skate shoes for skateboarding, and boots for outdoor activities. These choices offer comfort, functionality, and trendy designs to suit various preferences and needs.

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