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Men's Cricket Shoes

A good pair of PUMA men’s cricket shoes are a basic necessity when you step on the pitch. Whether the game is all about enjoying some time with your kids or as a professional player, we at PUMA understand your love for the game and have created a sleek range of men’s cricket shoes

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Buy PUMA Cricket Shoes For Men Online

With features and functions designed to withstand long hours out on the pitch, PUMA men’s cricket shoes have been engineered to offer comfort to cricketers. The shoes you wear are meant to endure high-speed action and the different types of cricket pitches.

Top Features Of Men’s Cricket Sports Shoes

Our cricket shoes for men are engineered to offer performance and comfort when it matters the most.

  • With features like ProFoam on the outsole that provides excellent rebound capabilities, your opponents would be in the dust in no time.
  • We use EVA midsole, which provides excellent cushioning combined with a reinforced toe cap for stability and durability.
  • Our shoes come with a rubber outsole with removable spikes that provides grip on both grass and hard surfaces.
  • We have added the CMEVA technology to bring lightweight performance without compromising quality.
  • The cricket sports shoes for men come with a low boot silhouette and a perforated upper for relaxed fit, flexibility and comfort.
  • TPU shank has been provided for mid-foot stability on the pitch.
  • To top it off, lace closure is incorporated for a perfect snug fit.

Our men’s cricket shoes are meant for ruling the competition when it comes to performance on the pitch! The men’s cricket shoes are designed specifically for the player on the field, and every design element has been made for ultimate performance and stability on the pitch.

Tips To Choose The Perfect Cricket Shoes For Men

Kudos to you for choosing the men’s cricket shoes; however, here are a few pointers to check before purchasing your cricket sports shoes. These make sure that you enjoy the sport injury-free with no compromise on comfort.

  • Make sure that you choose the right cricket shoe size for your feet. Measure your foot beforehand and refer to our size guide to select the perfect shoe. If the men’s cricket shoes are big, they would not provide a snug fit and would be uncomfortable while you are running between the wickets or sprinting to save the ball from hitting the boundary.
  • Even worse would be selecting a smaller shoe; this can cause bruises and blisters on your feet and ankles, making the whole experience of playing this excellent game painful and troublesome.
  • If you would be mainly playing on turf pitches, choose cricket shoes with spikes for added traction as that would help grip the ground better and avoid slipping while providing support.
  • If your game is primarily on synthetic grass pitches, cricket shoes with a rubber sole are your best choice.
  • Which position you play in would also determine the kind of shoe you must pick. If you are the fast bowler on the team, choose a shoe with a synthetic mesh upper to reduce the impact on the toes. If you are the designated batsman, pick shoes with a cushioned midsole and rubber studs for that extra traction. Choose cricket shoes with a perforated upper and a rubber outsole for the all-rounder for added shock absorption and breathability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the best men’s cricket shoes?

Players who are the designated batsmen of the team should choose cricket shoes with rubber spikes as they help get a good grip on the pitch while running between the wickets. A bowler should look for better cushioning on the mid-sole for toe protection during the bowling landing position. As a budding cricketer, getting the right set of cricket shoes is crucial to keep your foot in the game for the long run.

2. How to wash men’s cricket shoes?

We recommend hand washing the men’s shoes for their longevity and cleanliness of the shoe. Its best recommended avoiding using a dryer to heat. Allow the shoe to air dry by keeping it in the sun for best results.

3. Why are spikes needed in cricket shoes?

A shoe with spikes would provide a good grip on the pitch for the batsman while also providing traction while running between the wickets. For the bowler, a shoe with studs will ensure the correct landing position so that a possible injury is avoided due to the uneven shock.

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