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Sipper Bottles

PUMA’s water sippers are versatile, ergonomic, and colourful. Our water sipper is designed to make quick sips in between workouts and games more convenient. Wide-mouthed water bottles are suitable for moments when you are not rushing to get on to the next thing. However, when you are in the middle of a HIIT

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PUMA Sipper Bottles is Leak proof, Easy to Hold, and Stylish

With a variety of water sippers available, you are spoiled for choice. Find and choose a water sipper that makes drinking water convenient, looks stylish, and complements your outfits. Our water sippers are available in desirable colours and materials that provide comfort and support so you can move more unrestricted and entirely focus on your athletic endeavours. Our water sippers are available in grey, red, green, shades of pink, and cute printed water sippers for kids.

Best Features of Water Sipper to Improve your Performance

  • Get an easy grip, even with sweaty palms, due to the rubber patches on the sides of the bottle.
  • Holds up to 600 or 750ml of liquid, depending on the water sipper of your choice.
  • Measure your liquid accurately with the help of the dimensions embossed on the sipper bottles.
  • The plastic material makes them lightweight, so they are easy to carry with just one hand and use on the move or to fit in easily in PUMA gym bags!
  • They are also durable and hard to crack or break even in case of accidental falls
  • PUMA’s subtle Cat Logo gives the bottle a cool look.
  • The push and pull nozzle on the screw-on top of the sipper makes it easy to take controlled sips on the move.
  • The popular water bottle shape and transparent colouring give the bottle a cool and classic look.
  • The top screw opening offers a spill-proof finish to these water sippers.
  • The metal safety hook helps protects from any and all spills and messes.
  • The plastic hook on the top makes the sipper easy to carry.

The Right Water Sipper for my Needs

Use the fruit infuser training water bottle to flavour your water with actual fruits instead of artificially flavoured powders, and have a healthy drink on hand to sip on as and when required. Choose the water sipper with side rubber panels and the push and pull nozzle during intense workouts so your sweaty hands can get an easy grip without trying too hard. Pick the classic transparent bottle with a plastic top cover and metal safety hook around young kids to prevent any accidental spills due to their curiosity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I clean my water sipper?

Unscrew the top of the water sippers and bottles to wash separately. Use mild dish soap and a bottle brush to reach the bottom of the sipper. Lay it upside down in a slanted position to dry it thoroughly before the subsequent use.

2. Which is the best type of water sipper?

The best water sipper has a webbed handle so you can carry it easily, rubber panels to prevent slipping accidents, a push and pull nozzle for easy accessibility, and ml markings, to accurately quantify how much liquid you are drinking.

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