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Gym Bags

PUMA’s gym bags are a must if you’re looking to take your training to the next level. These bags allow you to keep your equipment organized and in one place and ensure you won’t forget anything important when you leave for your training session. Shoulder straps make them easy and comfortable to carry.

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Buy PUMA Gym Bags Online

PUMA’s gym bags are available in various styles, and you can even find bags tailored to the activity of your choice. No matter whether you’re planning a day on the basketball court, getting ready for a long day of training on the track, or simply need something to carry your gym essentials, there is something for you. Graphic and colourful designs for kids are also available, helping your children look forward to their daily activities.

How to Style Training Bag

  • Pair a neutral-coloured barrel bag with bold-coloured workout wear. You can also use it to carry your yoga wear to yoga class and for other athletic activities.
  • Wear a drawstring gym sack with a casual outfit to create a sporty look that is perfect to meet friends in.
  • Pair a colourful gym bag with neutral clothes and wear it during a busy day on the town or when meeting friends and family for a casual dinner. You can also wear it with workwear if your workplace follows a casual or business casual dress code.

Features of Branded Gym Bag

  • Drawcord openings make these gym bags easy to use
  • Reflective design elements and bold branding help you stand out even from behind
  • Multiple zip pockets inside the main compartment allow you to store your valuables securely

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How big should gym bags be?

Most gym goers will be okay with medium-sized gym bags. However, if you’re on your way for a run or carrying your bag during your workout, you will need a lighter-weight gym bag. If your gym bags are doubling as hiking or travel bags, you’ll need a bigger option.

2. Are there different types of gym bags?

There are different types of gym bags designed to suit your activity of choice. Gym bags for yoga have compartments where you can store your yoga mats, while those for football have enough space to carry a football and your other equipment.

3. What should you keep in your gym bag

Some essentials you should keep in your gym bags include workout clothing, gym shoes and socks, a water bottle, a towel, headphones or earphones, and shower shoes (or flip flops). You should also carry any activity-specific essentials you need, along with deodorant, face wipes, and post-workout snacks.

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