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Men's Hooded Sweatshirts

PUMA has an extensive collection of cozy and comfortable men’s hooded sweatshirts. The modern lifestyle is cooler, more casual, and highly active. With longer days and vibrant nights, hoodies and sweatshirts are an important part of everyone’s wardrobes.

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Workouts are an integral aspect of most people’s day-to-day lives. Sweating after a workout releases many toxins and purifies your body. Wearing a hooded sweatshirt after a workout will speed up your sweating, helping rid your body of toxins. Also, they will help you look trendy without much accessorizing when you go out with friends while keeping you feeling comfortable and cared for. Below are a few critical descriptions of our men’s hooded sweatshirts to help you make an intelligent decision.

Varieties and Patterns of Hooded Sweatshirts

  • Full-zip men’s hoodie
  • dryCELL men’s hoodie
  • Warm men’s hoodie
  • Regular fit men’s hoodie
  • Sweat hoodie
  • Fleece men’s hoodie
  • Hooded sweat jacket
  • Graphic men’s hoodie
  • warmCELL men’s hoodie

How to Style your Men’s Hooded Sweatshirts

  • Dress in a printed t-shirt with a dark pair of jeans and men’s slip-on shoes for a bike ride, and add our warmCELL men’s hoodie to feel warm and comfortable throughout the ride while looking trendy and cool.
  • Carry our full-zip men’s hoodie to the gym with you to put on after the gym. To look cool and powerful, try a black monochrome look with black gym shorts, a black t-shirt, black men’s training shoes and add the black hoodie after your workout.
  • Travel in our men’s travel shirt, grey joggers, yellow men’s hooded sweatshirt, and multi-coloured men’s sneakers to create a fabulous airport look.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should I find the right fit in men’s hooded sweatshirts?

Make sure you are trying the hoodie on before buying it. The shoulder lines of the sweatshirt should line up with your shoulders for the right fit. A sweatshirt should be form-fitting, but it should not hug your torso as tightly as a slim-fit t-shirt.

2. What is the safest way to wash my men’s hooded sweatshirt?

Close all fastenings before washing your hooded sweatshirt with mild detergent for colourful clothes. Wash your sweatshirt inside out and with similar colours to avoid stains. Also, iron your sweatshirt inside out.

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