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PUMA jackets for boys are the quickest outer layer that will leave your boys looking stylish and feeling comfortable. Boring school sweaters and silly beanies are no longer the solutions for windy or cold days anymore. Kids are more remarkable now, and so are their wardrobes. Our boys’ jackets are available in classic,

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PUMA Jackets for Boys are Cool, Comfy, and Stylish

Find these cool and comfy jackets online and in stores for the trendy Indian boys. Boys’ winter jackets do not just keep them warm anymore; they are designed to make them look and feel like little celebrities. With a wide range, from padded jackets to hooded sweat jackets, you and your boys will be spoiled for choice. Below are a few extra details about these jackets for boys online to help you make an informed decision.

Top Types of Jackets for Boys

  • Padded Kids’ Jacket
  • Hooded Sweat Jacket
  • Kid’s Down Jacket
  • one8 Track Jacket
  • Lightweight Jacket
  • Kid’s Track Jacket
  • Padded Infant Jacket - baby boy’s winter jacket
  • Kid’s Training Jacket
  • Graphic Sweat Jacket
  • Kid’s Runner Jacket

Styling your Boys’ Jackets

  • Pair your athletic boy’s classic black running shorts or joggers with a black kid’s t-shirt and let them layer up with our black kid’s training, track or runner jacket for a powerful monochrome look.
  • Travel with your stylish boys to cold destinations in their incredible airport or road trip looks. Pair their ripped/cuffed jeans, high-rise sneakers, and a vibrant travel shirt with our vibrant kid’s down jacket in a contrasting colour.
  • Dress your infant in a pair of baby jeans, a warm and soft cotton shirt, little kid’s sneakers and our padded infant jacket to inspire people with their awesomeness for a cold or windy evening at the park.

Best Features of Jackets for Boys

  • PackLITE: PUMA’s designation for packable outwear to be stored in the left side pocket with hanger loop and zip closure
  • The full-zip closure makes it easy for your boys to take the jacket off or put it on.
  • The ribbed cuffs and hems allow your growing boys to comfortably put the jacket on without stretching them out.
  • The cotton-polyester blend allows these jackets to be soft and comfy while also offering moisture-wicking properties for your active kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I pick the right jacket for my boys?

Pick the jacket in one size larger than your boys’ regular shirt size since this will be the outer layer. Kids tend to grow rather quickly, enabling them to use the jacket for a longer period of time. Especially one size up jackets for your 13, 14, and 15-year-olds will be worth every penny.

2. How should I wash my boys’ jackets?

Gently wash your boys’ jackets only after closing all fastenings. Use mild detergent for colours and wash them inside out with similar colours to avoid unnecessary stains. Also, iron the jackets inside out only if necessary.

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