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Women’s Laptop Bag

Ease your hectic work schedule as you make your way in the world with PUMA laptop bags for women. Created to minimize hassle and iron out the creases of work-life chaos, here are some stylish women’s laptop bags that blend in with the vivid color schemes of millennial life. So, whether you are stepping

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Buy PUMA Women's Laptop Bags Online

Accessorize your professional wardrobe with the most stylish yet performance-oriented laptop bags. Equipped with top-grade features and super sturdy material, these women’s laptop shoulder bags can carry your work-life load and style quotient by equal measure. Available in a myriad of colors, designs, and patterns will soon become your go-to option on all occasions.

Types of Laptop Backpack For Women Available At PUMA

Our line of stylish ladies laptop bags includes:

  • Smart bags
  • Unisex backpacks
  • DuraBASE backpacks
  • Rolltop backpacks
  • Racetrack backpacks

Benefits & Features

  • DuraBASE Material: A high-quality sturdy material capable of surviving rough-and-tough use under all temperatures and weathers.
  • DOPE Dye: The bags are made using DOPE Dyeing process, it is a sustainable process that consumes optimum amount of energy, water, and carbon dioxide reducing the impact of manufacturing process on environment to quite an extent.
  • Multiple compartments and mes pouches to keep all your work-related belongings safe.
  • Premium features like padded adjustable shoulder straps, padded back panel, zip openings, plenty of space, and sleek design.

Tips On Picking The Right Kind of Laptop Bags

  • Size: The size of your laptop plays a decisive role in deciding the size of your laptop bag. If you have plans to use it for other purposes than carrying a laptop, it is better to choose one with a slightly bigger size.
  • Weight: As a thumb rule, a laptop backpack should be light in weight. It makes carrying a laptop and other accessories on back easier during daily commutes and travel purposes.
  • Lockers: Look for the number of lockers available in a given bag. Whether it is a ladies laptop backpack or a unisex backpack, its major compartments should have good quality zip lockers to keep your electronics and other valuables safe and sound.
  • Material: Make sure the bag material is sturdy and durable especially if you plan to include it in your off road adventures and long trips.
  • Comfort: Irrespective of the size or design you choose to carry, ensure that it offers optimum comfort to your body especially while carrying it on your back. Wrong backpack can easily present you with back pain leading to more problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are female laptop bags important?

They act as a protective shield not just for laptops but for all related accessories from pollution, dust, shocks, scratches, moistures all commute or travel related hazards.

Which fabric is best for a laptop bag?

Out of all, nylon is the highest rated fabric for laptop bags. Our laptop bags are crafted with highly sturdy DuraBASE material capable of treading all rough and tough conditions under the sun.

What is the capacity of a laptop bag?

You can avail laptop bags in a wide range of capacities varying from 10 litres to 25 litres. Ideally, a 10-16 litres bag is enough to keep a laptop, a charger and some books with it.

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