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Stay supremely cozy with your PUMA women’s crew neck sweatshirt. Designed with the best materials and tailored to ensure your comfort, our range of sweatshirts includes graphic prints, solid colors, and more. A perfect complement to your own outfit, no matter if you’re relaxing at home, looking for a casual option to wear

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Buy PUMA Women’s Crew Neck Sweatshirts Online

Your women’s crew neck sweatshirt will work great as loungewear, athleisurewear, and sportswear. You can layer your sweatshirt over a tee or wear it just as is – the only limit is your imagination. Worried about the weather? No problems. These crew neck sweatshirts for ladies will keep you warm and covered up, allowing you to continue your on-the-go lifestyle without skipping a beat.

Features of Women’s Crewneck Sweatshirts

  • dryCELL moisture-wicking technology helps you stay sweat-free and comfortable, no matter if you’re working out in your sweatshirt or are surprised by the sun coming out while you’re living the FOREVER FASTER lifestyle.
  • Graphic designs help create vibrant statement pieces to take your personal style to the next level.
  • Soft velour fabric will keep you comfortable while looking stylish every time you step out the door – or need something to relax in during a day in.
  • A drawcord hem ensures an adjustable fit, so you can change the look depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing.
  • Design elements like graphic metallic panel inserts, contrast ribbing, textural elements, and the striking PUMA cat logo will help you stand out and look your best while training, meeting friends on the town, or spending a night in with your family.

How to Style Crewneck Sweatshirts for Women

  • Pair a ladies’ oversized sweatshirt with denim or leggings to create a classic look for a casual meeting with friends. Layer with a jean jacket for a dressed-up look or a bomber jacket for a sportier one.
  • During the summer, choose a moisture-wicking sweatshirt to give you breathability. This will ensure you stay comfortable under the heat of the summer sun.
  • Wear it around your waist or shoulders on those days that are too hot for a sweatshirt. This ensures versatility if the weather turns and gives you an effortless look as well.
  • Match your crewneck sweatshirt with leggings, tracksuit bottoms, or yoga pants in a complementary color when getting ready for a workout.
  • Dress it up with a formal skirt, boots, and accessories if you’re going out at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you need to wear a tee or top under your crewneck sweatshirt?

No. You can wear it without anything underneath or add a sports bra if you’re hitting the gym. Unless you know you’ll be removing your sweatshirt at some point during the day, you don’t need to wear it over a tee or top.

2. How do I choose an oversized women’s crew neck sweatshirt?

If it is not meant to be worn as an oversized sweatshirt, pick something that is at least 2 sizes bigger than usual. You may need to get something 3-4 sizes bigger if you’re tall. Try out the sweatshirt to confirm you like the fit before wearing it outside.

3. How should my sweatshirt fit?

It should be comfortable, but it shouldn’t bulge around your midsection unless it has a kangaroo pocket. It should sit firmly around your waist and hips and keep its shape without drooping.

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