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PUMA women's crop hoodies & sweatshirts are trendy, comfortable, and athletic. Free movement in stylish clothing is a necessity for modern athletic life. And our crop hoodies for women provide just that! In addition, some of our crop hoodies are made of recycled materials, so we can help reduce the fashion industry’s impact

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PUMA Women's Crop Hoodies & Sweatshirts are Comfortable and Stylish

Women’s crop top hoodies & sweatshirts are cosy, easy to pull over, and quite fashionable. We have a wide collection of crop hoodies for women available in various colours, styles, and fits. Feel free to choose a classic colour like black or white or a neutral like grey. We also have them in vibrant red or pretty teal colour. Our printed Logo and Wordmark help you make a style statement with our humble crop hoodies. Since we are consistently working hard to innovate apparel technology to keep you comfortable, you must pick your favourite style and colour!

Types and Varieties of Crop Hoodies for Women

  • Power Hoodie
  • Metallic Hoodie
  • Classic Hoodie
  • Yogini Hoodie
  • Logo Hoodie
  • Cropped Crew Sweater
  • Logo Hoodie

How to Style the Casual yet Trendy Crop Hoodies for Women

  • Pair our black crop hoodie for women with black joggers and black training sneakers for a mysterious monochrome day at the gym. The metallic PUMA logo will make your outfit pop.
  • Our green crop hoodie will give you the perfect modern yogini look when paired with our breathable cotton sweatpants, low-impact sports bra, and cool slides.
  • For a trendy airport look and a relaxed flight, pair your crop hoodie with a pair of ripped jeans and multi-coloured chunky-soled sneakers.
  • Try our mesh dress over a vibrant sports bra and matching slim-fit women’s shorts for a casual hike or day out with friends, and add the crop hoodie for an extra boost of style and warmth whenever needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I care appropriately for my crop hoodie?

Please wash and iron your crop hoodies for women inside out. Make sure to use mild detergent and avoid fabric softener altogether. Tumble drying will maintain the quality and durability of the hoodies.

2. What can I wear under my crop hoodie?

Crop hoodies are designed to show a little bit of skin. However, if you are not in the mood to show any skin and yet want the agility provided by crop hoodies for women, you can wear a camisole under your hoodie. Make sure to tuck your camisole in your pants, shorts, or skirt for a trendy look.

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