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Volleyball Shoes

Whether you are blocking a fierce serve or going for a smash over the nets, the PUMA volleyball shoes have got your back. Our volleyball shoes provide every player with a durable, dynamic, and dependable shoe that will help you crush your opponents and dominate the field. Volleyball is a skill-dependent sport, which

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Shop Stylish Volleyball Shoes

The PUMA volleyball shoes support every move you make while playing volleyball. They support fast direction changes, high jumps and heavy landings on the court. The traction provided in the volleyball shoes ensures that you don't slide while playing. The volleyball shoes have been created with the best materials for enhanced durability. Our volleyball shoes are for players of every level. The sleek design and features matched with the best volleyball gear ensure that you get noticed when you enter the court.

Features Of Volleyball Shoes

  • The spacer mesh upper design fused with the high shear strength TPU heel allows for easy step-in comfort and control every time you wear them with tracksuit.
  • The moulded compression and EVA midsole provide ample cushioning for smashing your serves with full power and focus.
  • The non-marking rubber outsoles provide the best traction so you can stand stable on your feet to hit that powerful serve.
  • The adjustable nylon lace provided in the volleyball shoes ensures that you have a snug fit for stability and control.
  • The flexible outsole on the volleyball shoes ensures that your shoes are adjustable for a responsive game.
  • The stretchable mesh collar wraps around the ankle and cushions the foot impact during landings and lateral movements. This ensures that you are comfortable while you smash and pass the ball with panache and aggression.
  • The features in the volleyball shoes ensure that your team gets to the podium with the best performance ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are volleyball shoes different?

Volleyball shoes are designed to counter the lateral and vertical movements during the game. They are made different from other sports shoes as the game demands a high intensity all the time.

What are the health benefits of volleyball?

Volleyball is a game that focuses on the aerobic side of the body while helping burn excess calories, strengthening the core and enhancing the reflexes of the muscles. Volleyball shoes ensure that the shock does not reach the body after the high-intensity movements.

What is most needed in a volleyball shoe?

Cushioning is the most essential feature of a volleyball shoe. The game demands a high level of jumping, for which volleyball shoes have to have the best features. A lightweight material construction ensures that you are agile and fast on the court. The perfect fit ensures that you are stable while you move at lightning speeds through the court.

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