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Leather Shoes

PUMA’s leather shoes & sneakers are athletic, trendy, and supportive. Our vast collection of leather sports shoes for men, women, and kids will leave you spoiled for choice. Sports leather shoes are a quick way to look like a celebrity while moving comfortably like an athlete. Our innovative footwear technology and design ensure

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PUMA Leather Sneakers Shoes are Comfortable, Durable, and Stylish

Leather sports shoes are innovative modern shoes designed to enhance comfort and style. Men, women, and kids have had to compromise style for comfort or vice-versa long enough, and we create our shoes to help avoid that. Our leather shoes are available in various types and colours, so you can focus on comfort and support while choosing stylish shoes.

Various Colours Available in our Leather Sneakers

Our leather shoes are available in various classic and neutral colours. We have black leather shoes and brown leather shoes for men and women. We also have white leather shoes. Some shoes are all-white, while other white leather shoes have coloured PUMA Formstrip, Logo, or Wordmark for an exciting pop of colour on the cool and classic shoe. We also have navy blue leather shoes for kids and beige chunky-soled leather shoes for women who like to keep their footwear neutral yet classy.

Best Features of our Leather Shoes for your Improved Performance

  • The rubber outsole ensures a strong grip on various surfaces for safe and freer movement.
  • The heel pull tab makes it furthermore convenient for you to slide into and out of the shoes.
  • Soft leather upper provides you with a breathable upper that feels comfy and looks classy.
  • The removable soft foam insert reduces the impact of hard surfaces on your foot so you can comfortably be on your feet for long hours.
  • The stitched PUMA Formstrip on the lateral side improves your confidence since the brand extends its long-standing reputation in athletic fashion to you.

How to Style your Leather Sports Shoes

  • Get ready for work in your casual work outfits like a pair of trousers or skirt and a work blouse or shirt, and put on your shoes with suede leather uppers for a cool, classy, and casually professional look.
  • Go out with friends or family in a pair of cuffed jeans, a multi-coloured graphic t-shirt, a bomber jacket and cool beige chunky-soled leather sneakers to turn heads at your gettogether.
  • Go for a casual stroll into the woods, hike comfortably in high-rise unisex leather sneakers, and stand out in all your pictures. Pair your black joggers, a black t-shirt, and a black training jacket with the high-rise black sneakers for a maverick black monochrome look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pair my leather shoes with traditional Indian wear?

Yes. Men can pair their salwar kurta or dhoti kurta with high-rise unisex sneakers for a relaxed look and comfy feel. At the same time, women can slide into their leather sandals while wearing a saree or an ethnic dress so they can move around with more confidence and agility.

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