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PUMA kids' shoes are designed for style and comfort. Kids need a lot of support growing up to become healthy adults. The same goes for their footwear and we understand that. Our wide variety of kids’ shoes online makes it easy for you to find trendy shoes for your kids that keep them

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Buy PUMA Kids Shoes Online

Our sneakers for kids are versatile shoes. Some of these shoes serve multiple requirements which leave you feeling secure and your kids stylish. Below are some types of kids’ sports shoes available.

Top Types of Kids’ Shoes

  • Slip-On Shoes for Kids: Slip-on shoes have lace-free uppers that make the process of getting your kids’ shoes on and off smoother and a potentially independent process for the younger kids.
  • Kids’ Running Shoes: Our running shoes for kids are designed to provide great traction, flexible cushioning for low impact, and snug fit uppers for many intense runs and playtimes.
  • Kids’ Sandals: Kids’ sandals are supportive open-toe footwear that will keep your kids Forever Faster with their toes out and about just like them.

Colours Available!

  • While checking for kid’s shoes online, you can choose from the varied colours available.
  • Buy your kid a vibrant red or orange pair of sneakers if they like their footwear to look as fiery as their game.
  • If your kids like to keep their look classic, choose from the bright white shoes or the classic black ones.
  • Pink is abundant in this section and all kids are welcome to choose their favourite colours without judgement!
  • For all the cool kids, there are a plethora of blues to pick from.

Best Features that will Improve your Kid’s Performance

  • Hook and Loop Closures: These lace-free closures enable your kid to walk out of the house quicker. They can be adjusted as much as needed to fit your kid’s growing feet.
  • Anti-Slip Outsoles: Good traction is necessary for a good athlete so they can focus on the game strategy, more confidently.
  • EVA Midsole: Ensures cushioning and flexibility for your kids’ feet during intense games or casual strolls.

How to Style your Kid’s Shoes

Let your kids make this decision. Allow them to pick their own shoes either in-store or online and you will not be disappointed. Let them pair their shoes with vibrant clothes or a classic black t-shirt with blue jeans. Bring neutrality to their vibrant coloured and boldly patterned, quirky outfits with the blacks and greys. Also, pair these shoes with their ethnic wear and see them shine in style and comfort around their loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different types of kids’ sneakers?

Running shoes, walking shoes, sandals, slides, ballet shoes, and tennis shoes with a modern look are the various types of kids’ shoes available at PUMA.

2. What shoes are most popular with kids?

Sneakers are perpetually on-trend shoes for kids. Kids’ schedules are getting busier and they need a pair of shoes that can help them transition between various activities. Sneakers can and do fulfil multiple purposes and their stylish looks make them easy on the eyes.

3. When should kids start wearing shoes?

As soon as your kids start walking. This could range from 9 months up to 2 years, in many cases. Kids need extra support when they are first learning to walk so well-cushioned shoes with snug-fit uppers come in handy.

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