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Men’s Running Shorts

PUMA’s men’s running shorts help you go the distance and ensure your competition will be watching you sprint past them. Designed to reduce chafing and made of breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics, these running shorts for men will keep you comfortable and dry throughout your run. Perforated side panels offer enhanced breathability. Innovative materials help with

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Buy Men’s Running Shorts Online

Whether you’re looking for men’s short running tights or shorts, there’s something in our range for you. Features such as elasticated waistbands and pockets help keep you comfortable and your belongings safe, while flatlock stitching reduces friction and further increases comfort. Furthermore, ergonomically cut lines ensure complete freedom of movement, helping you shave important seconds off your time. Reflective design elements help you stand out in low-light conditions, and drawcords help you create the perfect custom fit. Available in numerous cuts and styles, there’s an option for everyone in PUMA’s range of men’s running shorts.

Benefits and Features of Men’s Running Shorts

  • dryCELL material technology ensures you can stay dry and comfortable through your run with moisture-wicking fabrics
  • Graphic designs and colours help you stand out
  • Inner briefs provide additional comfort and help reduce friction

How Men’s Running Shorts Can Boost Your Performance

  • Running shorts and designed to provide some compression, which helps reduce fatigue and soreness in your muscles
  • The lightweight material stays out of the way and offers increased power and jumping capabilities
  • Research indicates running shorts lower perceived exertion in runners, which can help improve performance
  • Research indicates that the compression provided by running shorts can help improve muscle oxygenation

How to Style Men’s Short Running Tights

  • Pair with a solid-coloured tee for a comfortable, casual look that you can wear for everything from running errands to visiting a friend’s home.
  • Wear your running shorts with a men’s polo or button-down shirt to create a stylish look that you can wear to backyard BBQs and casual, relaxed outings. Complete the look with a zipped jacket, especially if it’s cool outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What underwear should you wear below men’s running shorts?

Men’s running shorts usually come with a liner or built-in underwear. This is made from breathable materials to ensure your comfort and means that you’re not supposed to wear any additional underwear below your running shorts.

2. How short should men’s running shorts be?

In general, 3 to 5 inches is the perfect length for your running shorts - this way, there is less fabric to get in the way of your run. However, if you’re not comfortable in something that short, are planning a different type of workout, or need something to wear socially, you can also find men’s running shorts in lengths ranging from 6 to 11 inches.

3. Should running shorts be tight or loose?

If you’re wearing your men’s running shorts for a run, they should be tight and fitted to the shape of your body. However, if you are buying running shorts for the comfort they offer, you can buy ones that are a little looser.

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