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Waist Bags

PUMA’s Waist Bags for women are colourful, athletic, feminine and comfortable. Pockets on women’s clothing have recently become more popular; however, stuffing your pockets with belongings drastically changes your cool, feminine, and athletic silhouette. This is where our fanny packs for women come in handy. They are the most trendy and convenient way

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PUMA Women's Waist Bags is Trendy, Comfortable, and Adjustable

Our belt bag for women does more than just look pretty with a fabulous outfit. They are perfect for travelling with since gone are the days of long passport sling bags. Their adjustable snug fit allows for freer movement and more agility, so they can also be used during your athletic sessions as well. Our waist belt bags for ladies are available in various colours like black, peach, pink, pastel orange, and a striking combination of black and barbie pink.

Types of Waist Pouch for Women

  • Women’s Body Portable Bag
  • Women’s Running Belt
  • Unisex Running Belt
  • Unisex Running Waist Bag

Easily Style your Fanny Bag for Women

  • Stay Forever Faster with our waist bag for women. Pair your black high waist running leggings, a pink or peach racerback sports bra, multi-coloured running sneakers, and a reflective tec jacket to turn heads on your outdoor run or hike. Secure your smaller belongings in our peach running belt for women to look cooler and run freer.
  • Going out with friends for a casual day out? Look cool and trendy in our women’s mesh dress and chunky-soled sneakers. Carry your belongings in our waist purse for ladies with an adjustable belt so you can have your hands free for shopping bags, drinks, and food.
  • Travel while looking and feeling relaxed in your cuffed jeans, graphic t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, and platform shoes. Our black belt purse for ladies will securely carry your wallet, keys, passport, printed ticket, and other essentials, including a small bottle of sanitiser.

Best Features of Waist Pouch Bag for Ladies

  • The waist bag for women is durable, lightweight, and resistant to water and stain due to the use of polyester
  • The zip-open main compartment is sizeable
  • We reduce the environmental impact with at least partial use of recycled materials
  • Affordable prices for easy accessibility for anyone and everyone
  • Adjustable strap for superior comfort
  • The classic shape and style allow for a trendy look and practical functionality
  • The webbed and adjustable straps enhance the functionality and benefits of the elastic inserts and buckle closures

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should I clean my waist bag for women?

We have designed the waist bag for women, making it easy to clean. Polyester already makes them stain resistant, but in case of any residue, please use a damp cloth to wipe your waist bag clean. Please do not use any detergent on them and ensure the removal of any wet objects urgently.

2. Can I wear my waist bag with ethnic wear?

Yes, of course! The celebrities are doing it, so why shouldn’t you? Pair your casual pocketless sarees and traditional dresses with our waist bag for women. They make for convenient storage for your phone, wallet, and keys so you can move freely and define your silhouette more confidently.

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