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Get cozy and comfortable with PUMA’s zipper hoodies for men. This classic hoodie is known for its convenient and trendy design. Our collection of men’s zip-up sweatshirts is designed to create a bold, fashionable and sporty aesthetic. These zipper hoodies for men are lightweight and breathable. They are well suited for yoga, gym,

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Explore PUMA Zipper Hoodies For Men Online

Zipper hoodies for men have been a fashion trend for the longest time and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. PUMA’s vast assortment of men’s zip sweatshirts offers striking minimalistic patterns suitable for outdoors as well as indoor ventures. Their quality and durability give them an edge over similar products available in the market. Men’s zip sweatshirts will make a brilliant addition to elevate your wardrobe and make it classy and chic.

Types Of Men's Zip-up Hoodies

PUMA’s technological innovations have brought forward men’s zip-up hoodies with comfortable fabrics and highly functional fits. Explore options with CLOUDSPUN fabric to give an ultra-soft texture, dryCELL technology moisture-wicking properties and more. The types of zipper hoodies for men are broadly classified into full zip and half zip sweatshirts. They are also categorized based on activities like football, basketball, golf and training.

Tips To Style Men’s Zip-up Hoodies

  • Zipper hoodies are highly versatile. You can choose to leave the zip half-closed, fully closed or fully open depending on what suits your body type. Showing off the inner layer of clothing can provide a nice contrast and make your outfit pop up.
  • Choose dark shades like black, grey and navy blue for your activewear hoodies. It would be ideal to go for lightweight and moisture repelling fabrics.
  • Choose bright coloured zip-up hoodies to accompany casual outfits. Pair with a contrasting inner layer to make it eye-catching. Pick solid colour t-shirts as the inner layer to create a balanced look. 

Types of Hoodies For Men

PUMA houses a wide selection of hoodies for men. They are categorized by technology, activity, fit, sleeves, length and other features. We offer a myriad of colours, patterns and graphics to meet your fashion needs. Browse through countless options with the various filters available on the PUMA online store. You cannot go wrong with our minimal yet classy designs of men’s hoodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which brand has the best zip-up hoodies for men?

PUMA focuses on technological advancements to produce the best quality fabrics and forms for our men’s hoodies and sweatshirts. Their minimal and striking designs along with their lightweight and durable fabrics make them the best brand for men’s zip-up hoodies and sweatshirts.

2. What are hoodies with a zip called?

Hoodies with a zip in front are called zipper hoodies or zip-up hoodies. Hoodies are sweatshirts with a hood attached to them. Hoodies were invented in the 1930s and started off as sportswear. They were later taken over by mainstream fashion.

3. Are zip-up hoodies better than regular hoodies?

Zip-up hoodies are more versatile and easy to wear when compared to regular hoodies. They can be turned into jackets when the weather is turning warm. They can be taken off without messaging your hair or outfit. They are also aesthetically pleasing and quite stylish.

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