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Leather Gloves

PUMA leather gloves are protective, athletic, and comfortable. With the increasing number of people finding their way to the gym regularly, strength training and lifting accessories have become necessary. It is easy to get dry skin, calluses, and little scrapes and bruises caused due to the absence of the right accessories when training

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Buy PUMA Leather Gloves Online

Our leather gloves look cool and trendy while protecting you from unnecessary injuries at the gym. They provide stability and extra security for your wrists, palms, and fingers so you can stay Forever Faster and more efficient in your sessions. In addition, they leave your hands feeling soft and help with grip by adding friction. Please choose your favourite from our variety of leather gloves for a more secure and high performance while lifting.

Types of Leather Gloves Available AT PUMA

  • Training Fingered Gloves
  • Grip Cut Fingered Gloves
  • Premium Unisex Fingered Gloves
  • Training Unisex Finger Cut Gloves

Styling your Leather Gloves

  • Pair your training shorts, graphic t-shirt, full-zip gym jacket, and training sneakers with our leather gloves for a cool look and secure grip during your strength training sessions.
  • Ride your bike into the wind for hours in cuffed jeans, a t-shirt, men’s or women’s slides, and a hooded sweatshirt. Strap on your leather gloves for better grip and to prevent getting scrapes and building any dead skin.
  • Are you a fan of rock climbing, aerial yoga, or gymnastics? Move freer and more securely in your snug-fit and athletic wardrobe by pairing it with your leather gloves for a safer and trendier training session.

Best Features

  • Enhanced Breathability and Optimised Grip Elements
  • Mesh panels are placed strategically for optimum air-flow
  • The adjustable hook and loop closure helps you build the perfect snug-fit
  • Anti-slip dots create friction with the equipment for better grip.
  • Suede panels and extra padding provide superior comfort and protection for your palms.
  • PUMA branding boosts your confidence and faith in your abilities due to its long-standing reputation

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the care instructions to keep my leather gloves clean?

Preferably hand wash these gently over the sink for a quick clean and mould them to their original shape before hanging to dry. They can also be washed with a mild detergent with other similar colours.

2. How do the loops or tabs by the wrist help?

They make putting the gloves on and taking them off more manageable, especially after a sweaty and intense training session.

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