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Gym Shakers & Sippers

Sip your energy drink in style with PUMA gym shakers and sippers. The shaker bottles are the best way to enjoy your favourite drinks and protein shakes. With the wide range of sports sippers, the end for the best protein shaker ends here. Stay hydrated with the custom-made protein shaker with a stylish

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Shop Gym Shakers & Sippers Bottles Online

Step out for your workout in style with the PUMA gym shakers & sippers. Make every training effective with the protein shakers & sports water bottle in your gym bags made for you. The unique features ensure that your drink is healthy and fresh after your workout. Drink your protein powder after an intense workout to help you recover and build the muscles for optimum performance.

How Gym Shakers Improve Performance

  • Protein shakes are vital for rebuilding the muscles broken during a workout. Having a good quality protein shaker to carry your drink becomes vital for optimum performance and recovery.
  • Sip your drink with confidence in the protein shakers that are designed ergonomically to prevent spills and loss.
  • The protein shaker bottles can carry water, which makes them useful for all sports and daily activities.
  • Take your protein shaker to your workplace and flaunt your classy protein shakers while you stay hydrated even at work.

Features Of Protein Shakers

  • The protein shakers and gym sipper bottles are made from 100% BPA-free materials making them environmentally a safe option to carry. They are non-toxic and safe to clean for easy usability.
  • The protein shakers are designed such that the bottle cap has a wide mouth design to prevent any leaks. So you can carry your protein shakes in confidence without them spilling.
  • Made from high-quality materials, the protein shakers are odour resistant which ensures that the drink does not have a foul smell even after a few hours.
  • The sleek design and portable features make these protein sippers easy to transport and carry around.

Features Of Protein Sippers

1. Why are protein sippers mainly used?

Protein shakers are mainly used to mix protein powder and to drink it as a shake. However, the gym shakers are designed so that they can also be used for any other drink, be it juice, sports drinks or even water.

2. When are you supposed to consume protein shakes?

For the best results, consume protein shakes within about 30 minutes of completing the exercise. This ensures that your muscles receive the nutrients are the protein it needs to recover and rebuild for better performance.

3. How to keep the protein sippers clean?

The easiest way to keep the protein shaker clean is by using soap and warm water to clean the protein shaker after a workout. Rinsing in hot water with soap ensures that the protein shaker is clean quickly. You can also try soaking it overnight in warm water and soap for a better thorough clean.

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