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Laptop Bags

PUMA’s laptop bags for men are ergonomic, colourful, and comfortable. With the rise of technology, most jobs require men to carry around a laptop. Unfortunately, comfort precedes style for most men, but with our stylish laptop backpacks for men, you won’t have to choose one or the other. Our trendy laptop bags make

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PUMA Laptop Bags are Athletic, Comfortable, and Trendy

Laptop backpacks and bags are a necessity in this day and age. However, we believe men should not have to compromise on style and trends to have comfort and convenience. Therefore, we have a wide variety of colours in laptop backpacks for men. They are available in black, blue, red, multi-coloured, and black with hints and pops of various colours like yellow, orange, red, blue, etc.

Types of Laptop Backpacks for Men

  • Unisex Backpack
  • Reflective Backpack
  • Style Backpack
  • Legacy Backpack
  • Lifestyle Backpack
  • Rolltop Backpack
  • Motorsport Backpack

Styling Laptop Bags for Men

  • Head to work looking confident and secure in navy blue trousers, a light shirt, a men’s bomber jacket, and our navy blue backpack.
  • Seamlessly transition from work to the gym in grey joggers, a black t-shirt, a grey gym jacket, grey training shoes, and a black backpack with a striking pop of fresh yellow.
  • Are you a freelancer or an artist who must carry a laptop? Pair your cuffed jeans, graphic logo t-shirt, beige hooded sweatshirt, and men’s slides. Carry your laptop in our multi-coloured unisex backpack to create a complementary colour palette.

Best Features of our Laptop Bags for Men

  • 100% polyester shell and lining make these bags durable, lightweight, easy to clean, and stain, water and wrinkle-resistant.
  • Padded backs on these backpacks and separate and padded laptop compartments allow you to secure your laptop more confidently so you can function more efficiently.
  • The padded shoulder straps make it easier for you to carry them while burdening your shoulders less than necessary.
  • Webbing carry handle along with the shoulder straps presents you with two ways to carry your bag per your needs and preferences.
  • The side slip-in pockets give you a separate and more secure place to carry any beverages. This way, you can keep your beverages further away from your laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I clean my laptop bags for men?

Your laptop bags for men are straightforward to clean and maintain. The fabric used for lining makes your backpack stain-resistant. However, gently wipe down your backpack with a damp cloth in case of a stain or dirt or for regular maintenance. Avoid using any detergent and immediately remove any wet items from your bag to prevent any damage.

2. What type of laptop backpack is the best?

The best laptop backpack or bag for men has padding at the shoulders and back. They have multiple separate compartments to protect your laptop from other essential items you must carry with you. They are water and stain-resistant so that you can function more confidently. Lastly, your laptop bag for men should match or complement your stylish outfits so that it can be not only comfortable but also trendy.

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