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PUMA’s beanie caps for women are colorful, stretchable, and warm. The modern woman is tired of prioritizing style over convenience. However, we consistently work hard to develop innovative technology in apparel, footwear, and accessories so you can choose to prioritize style without compromising on comfort. So toss out your bulky sweaters and embarrassing

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Buy PUMA Women's Beanie Caps Online

Our women’s beanie hats are trendy, cool, and comfy. We have an abundant collection of winter beanies for women with various Wordmark and Logo placements so you can move around more confidently. Our lightweight and breathable winter beanies are available in various colours like multi-coloured, rusty, yellow, black, red, and blue.

Various Types of Women’s Beanies Available

  • Race Beanie
  • Style Beanie
  • Essential Beanie
  • Motorsport Beanie
  • Unisex Beanie

Styling your Winter Beanies for Women

  • Cold and windy nights are perfect for bike rides. Warm up with our beanie hats for women, women’s sweatshirts, polyester track pants, sneakers and compression women's socks, and feel warm, comfortable, and ignited.
  • Casual nights out with friends and family during winters warm you up from the inside. Our woollen beanie hats have you covered on the outside. Pair our beanie cap for women with cuffed jeans, a cute graphic crop top, and chunky-soled sneakers. Add on a cropped sweatshirt and sling bag for extra style points.
  • Do you enjoy early morning or overnight hikes? Our beanie caps for women will keep you warm and enable free movement so you can hike more efficiently. Wear a pair of women’s joggers, warm socks, and oversized yet lightweight hooded sweatshirts to stay warm throughout your hike.

Features of our Women's Beanies

  • The high-quality yarn used to knit our women’s beanies not only keeps you warm but also helps regulate your body temperature.
  • PUMA Cat Logo enhances your style while providing its branded creativity so you can move freer and with more confidence and, in turn, improve your performance.
  • Our beanies are designed to be stretchable without losing shape, so feel free to put your hair up or let it flow with the wind. Either way, you will not need to compromise on the warmth.
  • Our beanie caps for women are knit with a chunky stitch which looks cool, and the double-layered stitch improves your efficiency by providing all the warmth you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I wash my beanie cap for women?

Use only mild detergent when washing our beanie caps for women. Please ensure that they are not wrung out during the washing process. Instead, carefully and gently drain all the water, and stretch the beanie to its original shape before laying it out to dry.

2. What is the ideal beanie cap for women?

The ideal beanie cap for women is warm, cosy, comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. They are available in desirable colours that complement the rest of your wardrobe and enhance your sense of style without compromising comfort and convenience.