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Kids' Sandals & Flip Flops

PUMA kids’ sandals & flip-flops are available in a wide range when your kid needs a casual pair of supportive footwear but can’t be bothered to wear a close-toe shoe. Kids grow so fast and continue to aspire to be FOREVER FASTER. Our sandals for kids collection will support your kids through their

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Buy PUMA Kids' Sandals & Flip Flops Online

Kids’ sandals at PUMA are open-toe footwear designed for your kids’ comfort. Kids usually engage in unanticipated playtimes, no matter the outfit or the occasion. Movement security offered by the kids’ sandals, slides, and flip-flops allows your kids the space to make such choices comfortably.

PUMA Colours in Kids’ Sandals:

  • The Classics: Most kids’ sandals are available in classic colours like all black, all white, and a combination of the two.
  • The Vibrant Colours: Kids’ slides, flip flops, and sandals are all available in vibrant shades of red, orange and blue colours with straps and logos in neon colours. Many also have aesthetically pleasing designs and patterns on straps, etc.
  • The most desired Combinations: Some uber-cool designs in these kids’ sandals have colour options where the classic colours combine with the vibrant accents which makes them even more attractive.

Features to Follow:

  • Textured Sole: These soles secure your kids’ movement by offering traction and grip.
  • Midsole: The EVA Midsole ensures freshness for your kids’ feet even after long days.
  • PUMA Cat Logo: The brand’s logo enhances the style this footwear brings to your kids’ outfits.
  • Synthetic Leather Upper: Increases the durability of your kid’s footwear.
  • Velcro Strap Closure: Makes it easy to put the sandals on and take them off even on a runner that’s hard to catch.

Choosing the Right Sandals & Flip Flops for Kid’s Improved Performance:

  • Sandals with grip and traction enhance the feeling of comfort and security making your impulsive or clumsy kid’s action more confident.
  • Kids’ sandals with flexible midsoles allow your kids to play and run without you having to worry about their feet, knees, and ankles’ safety.
  • Kids’ flip-flops allow your kids to look stylish for long hours while the textured sole secures their footing and offers them an extra comfort.
  • In all categories, the open-toe footwear keeps your kids’ feet fresh with our anti-odour and anti-bacterial features.

How to Style the Kids’ Sandals:

With its vibrant colour options and an abundance of designs in the form of sandals for kids and kids’ flip flops and kids’ slides, these sandals style themselves. They can be adorned for special occasions and regular playtimes without compromising comfort or support. If your kids are messy, the classic black colour will give their footwear a longer life. If they are impatient when putting their shoes on or taking them off, the velcro straps will genuinely help. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sandals are best for kids?

Sandals that feature secure Velcro straps, a good support strap that goes around the back of the ankle, and a textured outsole along with vibrant and playful colours would suit kids’ needs the best.

2. Is it okay for kids to use sandals?

Yes. As long as the sandal provides ample support for the kids’ ankles and arches, the footwear should work fine for most kids. Usually, kids up to 2 years should wear closed-toe sandals since their feet require extra support early on.

3. How should the sandals fit your kids?

Sandals that are too small will restrict your kid’s movement, and too large will keep them from developing the proper movement patterns. The upper of the sandal should fit perfectly while making sure the small toe is not restricted to avoid calluses and blisters.

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