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Kids' Casual Shoes & Sneakers

PUMA’s kid’s casual shoes enable your kids to bounce from one busy day to another. Kids tend to have busy schedules now and have to rush from one activity to another. Our casual shoes for kids will ensure your kid is feeling comfortable and look stylish in the same pair of shoes for

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PUMA’s collection of kid’s casual shoes makes sure your curious kids are comfortable on their daily adventures. And they continue to look stylish through it all at a price that will fit your budget just right.

Top Types of Kid’s Casual Shoes at PUMA

  • Suede Youth Sneakers
  • Kid’s Running Shoes
  • Infant Shoes
  • Babies’ Sneakers
  • Football Boots
  • One8 Walking Shoes
  • Unisex Shoes
  • Animals Kid’s Shoes
  • Racer Kid’s Shoes

Best Features in Casual Shoes for Kids

  • Outsole: Provides strong grip and traction along with shock absorption for hectic playtimes.
  • Midsole: Comfy and flexible midsoles ensure improved agility and safety during movement.
  • Upper: Breathable uppers keep your kid’s feet fresh even after a long day.

Unapologetically Colourful

Our collection for kids is endowed with a wide range of colours. The availability ranges from classic blacks and whites to multi-coloured shoes for kids. The infant sneakers have cute patterns and prints that make walking more enticing for your toddlers. The all-red shoes for kids with a black-lined PUMA Formstrip will set your child’s game on fire.

The Right Shoes for your Kid’s Improved Performance

  • The PUMA logo, Formstrip, and collaborating brands’ logos leave your kid feeling more confident and stylish allowing them to focus on their chosen sport.
  • Our specialised midsole technologies ensure support for not just your kid’s feet but ankles, knees, and back allowing them to develop healthy movement patterns at a young age.
  • Durable casual shoes for kids allow them to adjust to the shoe and continue benefiting from it until they grow out of it.

Style your Kid as per their choice

Our range of kid’s sneakers is wide so let your kids style themselves with this plethora of options. They can pick vibrant multi-coloured shoes to wear out with a plain outfit in solid colours. The classic black and white shoes are always a smart choice as they complement plain as well as multi-coloured outfits. Lace-free slip-on shoes will cut dressing up time for them and struggle for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What would be the most comfortable footwear for my child?

Slip-resistant, flexible, stylish and lightweight kid’s casual shoes or sneakers are the best footwear to own for your kids as they satisfy multiple requirements.

2. Can casual shoes for kids be worn throughout the day?

Absolutely! They are designed to be worn throughout the day. They ensure a smooth transition for your kids from one activity to another during their hectic days. They provide comfort and style during familial events, at the playground, while cycling/walking to tuitions, etc.

3. Which type of Casual Shoes are Best for Kids?

Please consider your kid’s needs while making this decision for them. Sneakers provide comfort and style for various surfaces and tasks. Slides efficiently serve you through a hot day outdoors while sandals provide a snug fit in an open-toe setup.

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