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Rain Coats and Jackets

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PUMA Raincoats for Women are Athletic, Trendy, and Eye-catching

Our rain jackets for women are available in classic colours like black, neutral colours like grey, vibrant colours like yellow and red, and pastel colours like teal and peach. Our raincoats for women are designed to repel water, look great, and help you perform to the best of your abilities, even when nature is not on your side.

Types of Women’s Waterproof Jackets

  • Water Repellent Slim-Fit Jacket
  • Training Jacket
  • Poly Core Football Training Jacket

Best Ways to Style your Raincoat for Women

  • Layer your sports bra and matching slim-fit shorts with our mesh dress and chunky-soled sneakers. Put on your raincoat for women for a relaxed look.
  • Define your silhouette best with our waist bag for women. Have an incredibly stylish and comfortable day out with friends.
  • Go for an exhilarating run in the rain in your running shorts, graphic t-shirt, running shoes, and a rain jacket for women.
  • Strength train outdoors and get enticing videos for your social media in the rain. Pair your monochrome grey training outfit, including a pair of grey joggers, sports bra, grey tank top, and grey shoes, with the black water-repellent rain jacket for women. Train comfortably while looking like a powerful celebrity.
  • Are you going out for a bike ride or riding your bike to work? Put on your trousers or jeans with a work blouse or a t-shirt and layer up with your raincoat for women to get to work dry while looking trendy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best features of raincoats for women?

Our dryCELL technology helps you stay dry and comfortable for long hours and helps our raincoats for women stand out. The zips on side pockets secure your belongings so you can perform more confidently. And our long-standing athletic reputation makes your game stronger and more confident with our logos and wordmark placements.

2. How do I clean my raincoat for women?

Please close all fastenings before washing your raincoat with similar coloured clothes. Use a mild detergent made for colours and wash and iron the raincoat inside out for its safety and durability.

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