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Solid T-shirts

A true wardrobe staple, PUMA plain t-shirts for men are something every guy needs. Our fun, colorful prints, and clean, contemporary lines make them perfect to wear for both sport and leisure. Solid t-shirts can be layered under jackets and sweaters or worn to the gym – thanks to carefully chosen materials and

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Buy PUMA Classic Solid T-Shirts for Men Online

Add a solid splash of color to your outfit with our plain t-shirts with men. You can choose a classic color that’s easy to match with every outfit or a brighter color that helps you stand out in a crowd. Our innovative technologies mean these solid t-shirts will help you put the pedal to the metal and take your training to the next level while still helping you showcase your unique style.

Varieties of Plain T-Shirts for Men

  • Slim fit t-shirts
  • Training t-shirts
  • Training football jerseys
  • Running t-shirts
  • Regular fit t-shirts

How to Style Solid Color Plain T-Shirts for Men

  • Pair your solid colour t-shirts with jeans or trousers. Choose bottoms in black, white, or denim to make matching them to your tee easier. Wear contrasting colors – if you’re wearing a black tee, wear white trousers or jeans. If you prefer colored bottoms, pair them with a white or black tee to ensure your outfit is coordinated.
  • Layer your men’s solid t-shirts on colder days with a bomber jacket, denim jacket, or cardigan. This will allow you to showcase your personal style and stay warm during the winter.
  • Plain t-shirts for men can be paired with most footwear, from sneakers to boots and everything in between.
  • For an athleisure look, wear your men’s solid colour tee with track pants or joggers. The tighter fit of joggers and track pants allows you to look relaxed without looking too casual.
  • Wear your plain tees under an unbuttoned shirt to create a relaxed look. For a smart-casual look, use a solid shirt over your plain t-shirt.
  • Pair your plain t-shirts for men with sweatpants if you’re looking to wear something during a relaxing day at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a V-Neck or Crew Neck Better?

V-necks have a slightly more formal feel and add some visual interest to your look. They help add height to your look, which makes them good for shorter men. Crewnecks offer a timeless look and feel and make you look like you have square shoulders. They add balance and proportion if you have a long neck or narrow face. The right choice depends on your body type and where you’re wearing your outfit.

2. Is it okay to wear very thin t-shirts?

Thin t-shirts are meant to be worn as an undershirt or an underlayer with a sweater, cardigan, or buttoned shirt. Wearing a light t-shirt without an over-layer is okay when you’re training but can look underdressed if you’re wearing it when going outside.

3. Are solid color t-shirts better than printed t-shirts?

Both solid and printed t-shirts should be part of your wardrobe. Graphic tees are more casual and can add visual interest to your outfit, while solid tees are timeless and easy to wear with any outfit.

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