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PUMA sweatpants for men are cool, casual, and comfortable. Their sleek silhouette is designed for the modern man with an active lifestyle. They are ideal for indoor workouts, travel, outdoor hikes, etc. Sweatpants for men are a closet essential. In India, men tend to wear sweatpants to the gym and around the

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Buy PUMA Men's Sweatpants Online

Unlike joggers, sweatpants for men usually have a relaxed and regular fit. Although, we carry a collection of sweatpants that are tapered near the ankles and slim-fit sweatpants for men if that is your preference. Their elasticated waistbands and external drawcords ensure a customized fit around your waist. Some have zippered side pockets that enable safe storage for your smaller belongings like keys and a phone. Some have ergonomic cutlines while others mesh overlays, designed for enhanced comfort and high performance. With so many elements to consider, below are a few more details about our men’s sweatpants so you can make an informed decision.

All the Varieties and Patterns in Men’s Sweatpants:

  • Men’s Track Pants
  • Men’s Slim Sweatpants
  • Tech Men’s Pants
  • Graphic Men’s Pants
  • Men’s Basketball Sweatpants
  • Overlay Men’s Track Pants
  • Fit Knitted Sweatpants
  • Men’s Tape Sweatpants
  • Men’s Football Pants
  • Men’s Training Pants

How to Style our Sweatpants for Men

  • Pair our Men’s Tape Sweatpants with our printed graphic tees and high-rise sneakers to create a retro vibe.
  • Pair our men’s basketball sweatpants with a men’s tank top or solid cotton t-shirt to keep your body temperature regulated on the court. Add a pair of men’s basketball shoes for comfort, style, and improved performance.
  • Change from your formal clothing after an event or a long work day into our soft and comfy sweatpants for bed. Add a t-shirt with a funny quote or graphic design to still look stylish and trendy, even as you end your day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are men’s sweatpants and track pants the same?

No. Track pants are specifically designed for mid to high-impact activities. They rarely have cotton material in them, so they are mostly lightweight and have moisture-wicking abilities. Sweatpants for men are usually designed for low-impact activities. Also, they have at least a certain percentage of cotton in them, so they are soft and sweat absorbing. Sweatpants are not only designed to move but also to lounge around in, comfortably.

2. What is the best way to care for my sweatpants?

Please wash your sweatpants with similar colors with a mild detergent inside out. Then, iron them inside out, especially if there are any prints and graphic designs or brand logos and wordmarks.

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