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Men’s Home Slippers

PUMA's home slippers for men are the most apparent pick when looking for comfortable footwear. And we make sure you are not only comfortable at home but also looking good. Even if it is only at home, walking bare feet can take a toll on your heels. Men's house slippers are essential for every

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PUMA Men's Home Slippers are Well-Cushioned and Trendy

Home is where you go to crash, feel comfortable, and be supported after a long day. Home is where our men's house slippers are. We are consistently innovating comforting footwear technology so you can focus on looking stylish and moving confidently, even at home.

Top Types of Men's Home Slippers

  • Men's Flipflops
  • Unisex Flipflops
  • Men's Sandals
  • Men's Comfort Slippers
  • Men's Camouflage Slippers
  • Men's Neon Slippers

Various Colours in Home Slippers for Men

We have men's room slippers for men in vibrant colours in neon, blue, multi-coloured, red, orange, green, yellow, etc. We also have classic colours like black, white, and grey. Many slippers are also available in combinations of two or more colours like black slippers with orange straps, black slippers with lined black and white straps and neon green outsole, etc. Be spoiled for choice when you choose from amongst our comprehensive and colourful collection of home slippers for men to suit your taste and enhance your style.

Best Features for Improved Performance in Men's Indoor Slippers

The EVA midsole in the footbed of the slippers provides immensely lightweight comfort.
A textured outsole enhances your sense of grip and traction on various surfaces.
With the brand's long-standing reputation, PUMA Cat Logo and Wordmark boost your confidence in movement and style.
Contrast slippers' ergonomic straps adds fun, joy, and a modern style to your home slippers for men.
A comfortable footbed and flexible outsole make your heel to toe strides more secure while preventing injuries or strain on your feet.

Styling your Men's Indoor Slippers is Child's Play

Change into your black men's relaxed t-shirt and black men's joggers after a long and tiring day to get your power back. Then, comfortably slip into your all-black men's slippers for an even more relaxed feel.
Put on a pair of men's basketball shorts and a basic men's tank top to run a quick errand in your stylish multi-coloured home slippers for men.
Take our comfy and trendy slippers to the beach or the pool with you and let them either match or contrast your men's swimsuit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should I pick suitable slippers for me?

The footbed on the slippers should be well-cushioned, the straps should give you a snug fit but not too tight, and the outsole should provide grip and traction. Also, the back of your heel should line up with the back of your slippers, and your biggest toe should almost line up with the front curvature of the slippers.

2. Is it essential to wear home slippers?

Our antibacterial and antifungal technology protects your feet from contagious viruses. They help prevent injuries or the possibility of straining your foot, knees, and ankles.

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