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Women's Oversized Sweaters

PUMA women's oversized sweaters are comfortable, stylish, and trendy. Generation hustle is all about oversized silhouettes, and we are here for it! Loose sweaters for women keep you warm to function more efficiently while looking good. Look relaxed, casual, and smart while feeling comfortable in these sweaters. So, wear your oversized sweaters for

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Buy PUMA Women's Oversized Sweaters

Our oversized sweaters for women have ribbed crew necks, hems, and cuffs that make you look smart while maintaining the original shape of the material. The softly brushed fleece material is gentle on your skin and provides lightweight warmth for your needs. The dropped shoulders give you a casual yet classy silhouette. Some of our ladies' loose sweaters have polyester, which offers moisture-wicking properties.

Varieties in Loose Sweaters for Women

  • Crew Neck
  • Embroidery Hoodie
  • Track Jacket
  • Crop Sweater

Best Ways to Style your Oversized Sweaters for Women

  • If you are going for a hike, try our black sweater with black women's shorts and black training shoes for a cosy and powerful monochrome look. 
  • Travel in an oversized sweater with joggers and multi-coloured sneakers. Add a waistband belt or bag for a cool airport look and define your form even in an oversized silhouette.
  • Pair our athletic skirt with a multi-coloured sports bra and tank top for a tennis match, and layer up with the oversized sweater to stylishly warm up your muscles before the game and continue to sweat and detox after.
  • Rock an athletic and feminine look with our mesh dress and chunky-soled women's sneakers for a casual day out with friends, and layer up with a contrasting oversized sweater. Make a style statement with a large belt to define your waist and rolled-up sleeves.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sized sweater is considered oversized?

Your oversized sweater should be at least 2 to 3 sizes above your regular sweater size. They should be bulky but ensure you do not drown in the fabric.

2. What is the best type of oversized sweater?

A bulky yet lightweight and breathable sweater makes for a good oversized sweater. It is pretty easy for sweaters to lose their shape at the neck or around your wrists, so ensure there is ribbing around there. This makes your sweater stretchable without losing its shape. Also, cotton makes your sweater soft, while polyester makes it warm, durable, and moisture-wicking so you can stay dry and comfortable for long hours.

3. What is the best way to wash my oversized sweater?

Please make sure to wash your oversized sweater inside out with mild detergent. Wash it delicately, preferably separately, or with clothes with similar textures and colours. Avoid using fabric softeners and carefully iron your sweater inside out.

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