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Women's Flats

PUMA has an extensive collection of flats for women that are trendy, comfortable, and supportive. Gone are the days when women suffered uncomfortable and inconvenient footwear just to look stylish. We understand this and consistently innovate footwear technology to provide stylish footwear for women that enhances their sense of comfort. Comfortable flats for

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PUMA Flats for Women are Colourful, Stylish, and Comfortable

Women’s flip-flops, slides, and sandals come in handy if you want to run some quick errands in the neighbourhood, to wear at home to protect your feet from the cold, dusty floors, or even take a casual stroll after dinner. In addition, our flats for women are trendy and comfy, so you can choose to wear them to the pool, the beach or even the gym so you can easily change into a clean pair of gym shoes.

Various Types of Comfortable Flats for Women

  • Flip Flops
  • Slippers
  • Glam Flip Flops
  • Logo Flip Flops
  • Floral Slippers
  • Graphic Flip Flops
  • Unisex Flip Flops
  • Slides
  • Women’s Sandals

Best Features of Flats for Women to Improve your Performance

  • The EVA midsole ensures a well-cushioned footbed for your flats so your toe box and heel can be protected from extreme impact from any surface.
  • The soft thong strap ensures a stylish look and gentle feel for your feet, so you can comfortably wear these flats for extended hours if necessary.
  • The pretty printed footbed complements the rest of your aesthetically pleasing outfits or contrasts your plain and solid outfits providing a much-needed pop of colour and print.
  • The rubber outsole provides a firm grip and makes your comfortable flats more durable.
  • The moulded footbed provides soft comfort, and the graphics bring all the fun.

Various Ways to Style your Comfortable Flats for Women

  • Wear your swimsuit layered with your mesh dress to go to the pool or the beach, and slide into your graphic flats for women that either complement or contrast the rest of your outfit for a fun and beachy look. Take this look to your favourite beach and quickly turn heads.
  • Take a casual stroll in your neighbourhood in your pajamas or shorts, a graphic t-shirt, and layer up with a cropped sweatshirt for a cosy and cute look. Wear your flats for women to stay comfortable and supported.
  • Pair your women’s flats with your Indian traditional wear like a casual dress or saree to run a quick errand comfortably or look stylish while supporting your feet through various daily activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best types of flats for women?

The best types of flats for women are lightweight, durable, well-cushioned, colourfully attractive, soft, provide a snug fit, and offer comfy straps. Moreover, they are printed with graphics or logo and wordmark of a reputed brand to ensure quality control and stylish elements.

2. What is the easiest way to clean my women’s flats?

We recommend that you quickly handwash your women’s flats under running water but do not wring them out before drying. Use a mild detergent if needed. Simply let the water drip out or gently squeeze out the water and lay the flats to air dry.

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