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Red and White Shoes

PUMA has a wide range of red and white shoes for women, men, and kids. red and white is a classic combination of colours. Our collection of versatile shoes in red and white will spoil you for choice. As you run, walk, stand, or go about your errands the right fitting shoes make or

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Buy PUMA Red and White Shoes Online

Walking, running, cycling working out, and cardio exercises have become a vital part of our day-to-day lives. Shoes are the best shoes to slip into and out of as you move through multiple activities. With PUMA’s red and white sneakers, comfort does not take a back seat. Primarily designed for support, the red and white trainers are easy to style as well since they complement most of your wardrobe.

Best Features

  • Rubber Outsole: Provides slip-resistant traction and grip on various surfaces.
  • Woven Webbed Upper: Ensures comfort during lateral movement.
  • IMEVA: Our midsole material for a comfortable and lightweight feel for intense/long days.
  • SoftFoam+ sockliner: Provides immense comfort and instant step-in, especially for your hectic days.
  • Mesh Upper: Keeps your feet fresh by regulating your body temperature and provides a lightweight and breathable feel.
  • Suede Leather Upper: Provides a cool and stylish look along with a durable upper for long use of the shoe.
  • Slip-On Upper: Easy accessibility while putting the shoe on and taking it off due to the lace-free design.
  • Lace Closure: Ensures snug fit for intense activities where your feet need to stay secure in place.

Styling your Red & White Shoes

  • Pair your red and white sneakers with a black shirt, tee, or blouse and white bottoms or vice-versa for an interesting look.
  • Try pairing red and white with chequered patterns on your top or your jacket for a classy feel.
  • Red shoes with white soles paired with a plain, solid coloured dress will create a no-nonsense aesthetic for work.
  • Red and white sneakers with the PUMA Formstrip and Logo will pull attention, especially when paired with a monochrome and neutral gym look.
  • A simple pair of dark denim pants and a plain white t-shirt can look cool and classy when paired with a pair of red and white trainers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of socks would look good with red and white shoes?

Plain black or plain white socks would definitely look good with red and white shoes. However, you can make your look more interesting with a pair of black and white checkered socks a white pair of socks with quirky prints on them, in black.

How to keep my red and white sneakers clean?

It is easier to keep the red parts of the shoe clean since they are harder to get a stain on. If the sole is white, use warm water and a clean rag to wipe the sole of the shoe clean. Use a shoe cleaning solution with a small brush, for areas that are harder to reach.

How to wash red and white shoes?

We recommend hand washing the men's shoes for their longevity and cleanliness of the shoe. It's best advised to avoid using a dryer to heat. Allow the shoe to air dry by keeping it in the sun for best results.

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