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Leather Sandals

Designed for the lazy days of the week, PUMA leather sandals are made so that you can move around in casual, minimal footwear. Built with features and a style factor to make you look fashionable, the leather sandals elevate your casual style. With easy wearability, the leather sandals will leave you spoilt for sandal


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The PUMA leather sandals are made using high-grade leather to make footwear that everyone can wear and enjoy. We love what we make, and that passion is reflected in the quality of our production. The premium construction combined with the sleek design and unmatched quality makes the experience of wearing leather sandals a truly premium experience.

Features Of Leather Flip-Flops

Our leather sandals come with a wide range of features to ensure you are stylish and comfortable every time you step out with them.

  • The molded EVA outsole offers the needed grip and comfort so that you can walk in stability and cushioning.
  • The branded leather sandals come with adjustable straps to control the fit so you can walk in comfort.
  • The leather sandals come with EVA cushioning, which provides comfort through every step you take.
  • The premium construction provides a splash-proof design so you can stand around the pool or the beach without any worry.
  • The leather flip-flops are designed so that they are easy to clean and maintain, making them the best leather sandals.
  • Our sandals come in standard shoe and sandal sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for your feet to flaunt for every occasion.
  • All leathers are made from high-quality footbeds that support the foot and keep it secured. The flexible footbed takes the shape of the contours of the foot.
  • All leather sandals are equipped with shock-absorbent materials to provide cushioning to the feet and prevent injuries during high-intensity activities.
  • The leather sandals are extremely stylish when paired with a solid t-shirt and 5-inch shorts, making them the perfect office-wear sandals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are leather sandals comfortable?

Even though leather sandals are naturally strong, they are incredibly comfortable too. The leather flip-flops provide ample cushioning, comfort and support to power your walks.

How to clean leather sandals?

Use a brush or a cloth to clean any solid dirt clinging to the sandals. Use warm water and soap to clean the leather with a cloth or a soft-bristled brush. Allow the leather sandals to air dry or place them near a fan to dry.

Can leather sandals get wet?

Yes, leather sandals are constructed so that they are resistant to splashes or even soaking water. They would not cause permanent damage to the sandals because of the high-quality materials used in construction.

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