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Women's Lounge Pants

PUMA's lounge pants for women are soft, athletic, and comfortable. Ladies lounge pants are a vital part of every woman’s wardrobe since they can be used as workout pants, travel pants or pants to lounge around in casually. Our lounge pants for women are available in colours like black, blue, and a combination

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Buy PUMA Women's Lounge Pants Online

Women’s leggings are the perfect lounge pants women since they allow for more agility, extra breathability, and a form-defining athletic and feminine silhouette. Ladies’ night pants are soft and comfortable to sleep in all night, and they will enable you to get a quick stretch as soon as you get out of bed. They are supportive, immensely trendy, and comfy.

Types of Lounge Pants for Women

  • Women’s Long Leggings
  • Women’s Running Leggings
  • Graphic Running Tights
  • Long Running Tights

How to Style your Pajamas for Women

  • Pair your women’s lounge pants with a relaxed-fit women's t-shirt for a good night’s sleep. They will keep you very comfortable and supported throughout the night.
  • Pair your long-running black tights with an old kurti for a quick stroll around the neighbourhood as soon as you wake up or visit a neighbour quickly. Simply slide into your women’s slides to look even cooler.
  • Pair a pajama for women with a comfy sports bra and a tank top to run some errands while looking stylish and staying comfortable on the errand run as soon as you get home. Put on your chunky-soled sneakers or platform sneakers for a more relaxed and trendy look.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can lounge pants for women be used for working out ?

Our women's lounge pants can be used for working out, yoga, tai chi, running, strength training, etc. They are comfortable enough to lounge, sleep in, and work out.

2. Are pajamas for women durable?

Yes. Our pajamas for women are mostly made from polyester and elastane, so they are smooth to touch, warm, and comfortable. The elastane helps them stretch out without losing shape. In addition, the fabric makes your pants durable, easy to wash, quick-drying, and comfortable.

3. How can I clean my pajamas for women?

Wash your pajamas for women with a mild detergent for colours and with similar coloured clothes. Please avoid using a fabric softener and wash and iron your pajamas inside out. Also, avoid ironing any graphics, prints, and logos.

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