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Mesh Shorts

PUMA has a vast collection of mesh shorts that can be used in gyms for various workouts. Intense workouts including cardio & HIIT sessions in gyms are one of the most rigorous, calming, and fun activities to get some exercise. Rarely do Indian men enter gyms or the training arenas in cotton shorts anymore.

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Buy PUMA Mesh Shorts Online

If you are looking for a modern silhouette and a classic sporty look, our mesh shorts are the way to go! Speedos are out now. Most men prefer a more modest yet cool silhouette for their water adventures and sports. Our mesh shorts for men can be used as beach trunks, swimming shorts, and more. Our innovative apparel technology is consistently modified, keeping your comfort in mind, so scroll through our mesh shorts and pick your favourite style and colours.

Best Benefits of Men’s Mesh Shorts for Improved Performance

  • Polyester makes the shorts water-resistant, durable, moisture-wicking and quick to dry.
  • The slim fit enables you to look stylish and move more freely and confidently.
  • The zippered side pockets provide you with secure storage for your smaller belongings and improve your sense of efficiency.
  • The external contrasting drawstring makes your shorts adjustable for a perfect fit and a form-fitting silhouette.
  • The PUMA Logo, Wordmark, and logos of esteemed brands we have collaborated with extend the brands’ long-standing reputation making your movement more confident and relaxed.

How to Style Mesh Shorts

  • Pair your mesh shorts with a peach or soft pink cotton t-shirt and multi-coloured flip-flops for men with hints of colours like navy blue, peach or pale pink, yellow, white, etc.
  • Wear your white mesh shorts with a white inner vest and white men’s slippers for a peaceful, monochromatically stylish look that will help you classily stand out in a crowd.
  • For a crisp aesthetic at the beach, pair your mesh shorts with a lightweight cotton t-shirt and a cool hat so you can fit the beach vibe just right. Wear your grey slip-on shoes for men for an extra boost of style.

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